Monday, August 24, 2009

Breaking news - we have a new nickname for Kevin Youkilis, and I actually agree with Jonathan Papelbon on something!

It was so much fun to see our ace CC Sabathia win against Josh Beckett and the Red Sox, and the Yankee offense pound out five homers to win the game and the series. All, that, and we have a new nickname for Kevin Youkilis!

When I was on Twitter during the game last night, I saw Yankee fan/Twitterer Shiney42 write that Youk "reminds me of Fred Flintstone when he bowls. Don't ask --- I have NO idea BUT he just does."

I remembered that Fred's nickname was "Twinkletoes" on the show, and wrote that back. Shiney42 responded, "That's it! Twinkletoes - cause of the way he bats on his tippy toes!!"

So I'm thinking that unless somebody else has another suggestion, we need to start calling Youk "Twinkletoes." It cracks me up to think of Youkilis as Fred Flintstone! But who's Barney Rubble in this analogy? That's the burning question!

* * *

In other news, Jonathan Papelbon (aka Cinco Dopo - and yes, I know some of our readers hate that name!) actually said something that made sense to me. In talking about the Sox possibly getting Billy Wagner, he said:
"What has he done? Has he pitched this year?" Jonathan Papelbon told "Is he ready to pitch or is he not? ... I think our bullpen is good where we're at right now. Don't get me wrong. But I guess you could always make it better. It's kind of like the [Eric] Gagne thing, I guess."
Here's the thing. Wagner isn't exactly a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. I know I'm a biased Yankee fan squawking here, but I mainly remember his time with the Mets for:

1) Getting bent out of shape and blowing the game, then complaining about being in the game, when Willie Randolph had the nerve to expect him to close out a 4-0 lead against the Yankees,

2) Anonymously putting a "Know Your Place, Rook" sign on Lastings Milledge's locker,

and 3) Calling out teammates Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado for not talking enough to the press.

Do I think Wagner will check his ego at the door in Boston? Absolutely not - he's already having his agent make demands before even getting there.

So yeah, I think Papelbon is right here. (I'm shuddering and shaking over even writing that sentence!)

* * *

Speaking of drama, I think it's time for former catcher Joe Girardi to step in and do something about the Jorge Posada/A.J. Burnett drama. Oh, and by the way, I'm not buying what Girardi said to the media, about how "I have not given anyone a personal catcher." The reality is that he gave CC Sabathia a personal catcher in Jose Molina, but he's loathe to do it with Burnett.

In other news, I've written two pieces for The Faster Times site - one on Mike Schmidt's defense of Pete Rose, and another about what happened in Metland yesterday.

One other note - Squawker reader Uncle Mike shipped up to Boston this weekend - and lived to tell the tale! See, miracles do happen!

What do you think? Leave us a comment!


NY Sports Jerk said...

I stick my assessment that he looks like Soda Popinski from Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

Joseph Gomes said...

He's "twinkletoes" if A-Rod is "purple lips"

Anonymous said...

I believe it was LoDuca who called out Beltran & Delgado.

Anonymous said...

Barney is easy's Pedroia

Go Yankees 2009 !!

Anonymous said...

I was in Boston for the Friday night game ...thankfully NOT the Saturday game. I didn't have a negative thing said to me but what could the Sox fans say with the Yankes being 6 1/2 up and doing another massacre number at the game that night. Many were running for the exits before long. I wasn't that thrilled with "charming" Fenway either. Of the 20 Stadiums I have visited definitely the most uncomfortable and I had box seats too. I'm just happy we took 2 out of 3 and gained another game for a 7 1/2 game lead. I just want it to get larger and larger till we hit the promised land ...Championship 27 !!!


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

Pedroia The midget's pint size figure resemble a good Barney Rubble


moswald said...

I always say he bats like Happy Gilmore golfs.

Jonmouk71 said...

With regards to Pete Rose, I don't think that there is anyway Selig relents and lets him in the HOF. And even if he does, the veterans will never vote him in, either. I'm afraid Pete will have to wait until he's six feet under, like Leo Durocher (who was also tainted with unsavory associates but definitely deserved to be in the Hall). Durocher was finally elected three years after he passed on.

MHS said...


What a lovely, gracious comment about Fenway and your time in Boston. There is nothing classier than a Yankee fan whose team is winning.

Uncle Mike said...

Once again: Freedom of speech is a right, being taken seriously is a privilege, and we are under no obligation to take Red Sox fans seriously when they question the class of Yankee Fans. Even if you're right, you're still a Red Sox fan, and any pretensions you have to class are just that, pretensions.

As Billy Wagner would say, "Know your place."

Anonymous said...

Class knows no team; you have it or you don't.

Anonymous said...


It's an opinion...I didn't like Fenway. If it's not classy to have an opinion ..sorry about that. I have heard about the charm of Fenway so many times from Boston fans...I didn't find it to be so charming. As I stated ..quite uncomfortable on a whole. At least I didn't refer to it in terms of many who called old Yankee Stadium a toilet or a dump. My opinion has NOTHING to do with the Yankees winning just the fact I didn't like the ballpark. I have been to Wrigley which is an old Stadium too and loved it. One of my faves is Camden Yards. I was judging the park itself not the team that plays there. As they say each his own...right?

I might not care for the Sox or Fenway but I love the city of Boston which I have visited many times in the past of my favorite places with it's rich history and great food.

As I said ..I judged Fenway for the park NOT my teams stats...try to stay classy with your comments by not twisting what I say to suit yourself.


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Paul from Boston said...

I've got to back Peggy on this one. She's very passionate about her Yanks and even when they were slumping early on, her posts are always classy.

And, even as a Sox fan, I agree with her on Fenway. They've done a lot to improve it - but comfortable is not a word I would use to describe it. Wrigley's almost as old but doesn't feel nearly as cramped.

MHS said...

My point was that your comments just struck me as so unkind. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, so am I. Two years ago I went to the Smithsonian and stood in line to see the Hope Diamond, just as I approached the woman next to me said, "it's so small." I was appalled. And Peggy's comments struck me the same way. Fenway is legendary and I would think a Yankee fan would have some appreciation of history. A lot of there history was made there. And how about being a gracious winner. Your Yankees are on top and all you could do was rag on the fans, the seats and the team. You couln't have managed one pleasant comment about the place or the people? I would love to go to Yankee Stadium and see a game. And just as Fenway is old, I would love the new about YS. It is no crime folks to be friends with fans from the other team. The Yankees are playing great right now and Jeter is acting like he is 25. Heck, even I think he should win the MVP if voting were today. Stating the obvious does not make me love and root for the RS less. I still think we can win the division because I am a fan.

And Paul, shame on you for not defending our place of worship.

MHS said...


That's just vicious and only makes you sound like the jerk that you obviously are. And I'm really fat and I think the seats are pretty uncomfortable too! You also totally missed my point and Fenway fan or not, you write like a 12 year old and shouldn't come on blogs unless you are supervised by an adult.

Paul from Boston said...

Sorry MHS - just my opinion. I don't root any less for the Sox because of it.

MHS said...


Never said you did. You people are so sensitive; can you even have a discussion without using the "I'm entitled to my opinion" defense rather than trying to see another's point of view. I get that Peggy and Paul and everyone loves their team, so do I. It just doesn't mean you have to be negative about everything Red Sox or Yankee.

Anonymous said...

MHS ...

I understand your love of Fenway..I felt the same about the old Stadium which was legendary too but just because you feel that way about Fenway doesn't mean I must. I am just stating how I felt about the ballpark after all the things I had heard about seeing a game there. It wasn't meant to be mean ..just my point of view of Fenway. In no way did I "rag" on your fans or the ballpark ...just stated my feelings on it after finally going to a game there. The seats had a great view but everything else was just not that enjoyable an experience for me. I'm not saying others don't like it tho'. I went with 3 other people and they didn't enjoy the experience that much either. As I said's an opinion and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but that was how I felt and I'm not going to state differently.

Anon...I definitely could lose a few pounds but I'm not obese and my daughter is 5'9 and nowhere near "fat". We both had a tough time in the seats especially since she is all legs and they kept banging into the seat in front. Just wanted to clarify your "classy" statement ..

Paul...Thank you for your support have always been a "classy" person on here. I loved the old Yankee Stadium but I saw it's faults..I'm not hiding behind rose colored glasses and like MHS I loved it anyway but that didn't make me force my opinion on someone else if they didn't..even those nasty folks who called it a toilet or dump. As I said each his own. And with that I think this subject has been exhausted...

Anyway ...the season is winding down ..much to my dismay...but...I'm hoping it ends christening the new Yankee Stadium with a Championship 27 !!!


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

As far as pleasant things...I had a wonderful time in Boston. I love the place ....since we didn't have much time we took the Duck tour this time around and it was lots of fun. We had a terrific seafood meal before the game. The next day we went to Salem ..loved it !! I want to go back in the fall when it's cooler because unfortunately I picked probably the most humid weekend to be in MA. Also went to Rockport...lovely little place.

As I said ...I love Boston ..just not the team (surely anyone can understand that...(wink).


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just gald there is a game on tonight!

Paul from Boston said...

MHS - I'm not trying to be defensive - we disagree on Fenway and probably agree on more than disagree aside from that - although given your example of the Smithsonian you might not want to have been with me when I saw the Mona Lisa. Anyway, its all cool.

Peggy - Glad you had a good time and yes, you did pick the most humid weekend possible.


Lisa Swan said...

I had to go back and look at what Peggy wrote after seeing MHS' comment. MHS, I think I understand what you meant, but I don't think what Peggy wrote was insulting - she didn't like Fenway, and she even made a point of saying that no Sox fans gave her trouble. Heck, as most readers know here, I don't like much of the new Yankee Stadium myself!

As for the anonymous insulting commenter, your posts are now in the dustbin of the site. See ya!

Lisa Swan said...

Oh, and the Soda Popinski reference is a good one!

Anonymous said...

Right Lisa, Peggy saying

"I didn't have a negative thing said to me but what could the Sox fans say with the Yankes being 6 1/2 up and doing another massacre number at the game that night. Many were running for the exits before long..."

was so gracious of her. It was a slam, it is her right, but why are you all having such a hard time admitting her comments were incredibly catty.


Anonymous said...

Oh, shut up mhs.

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