Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How I ended up seeing the Yankees play in Toronto

I'm recently back from a road trip with my friend David that started in Boulder and ended in Montreal. We stopped in Toronto, and the Yankees just happened to be in town.

Originally, we planned to be in Toronto last Monday, but the trip got pushed back a day, so we ended up at the Tuesday game. On Monday, the Jays won, 3-2. As it turned out, the Jays also won on Wednesday, taking two of three.

Naturally, I was at the Tuesday game, when the Yankees hit five home runs.

At least we were late to the game and missed the Bombers' three-homer barrage in the top of the third. But by the time we got into the stadium in the bottom of the third, the Yankees already led, 6-0.

The weather was nice, so the roof was open at the Rogers Centre (see photo). There were plenty of Yankee fans in attendance, and numerous Jeter jerseys, but unlike when Squawker Lisa and I saw the Yankees play in Baltimore, the home team did have a lot more support, even in a blowout.

The Yankees built their lead to 10-1 before winning, 11-5. Considering that in the last Met game I went to, the Mets lost to the D-Backs, 14-1, maybe it's time to stop going to ballgames for a while.


On one of Lisa's posts, reader Uncle Mike wondered if I traded my "Mets money" for "loonies" at the border. No, Uncle Mike, I'll leave that to Omar Minaya and his signings of the likes of Oliver Perez and Francisco Rodriguez.

Photo by Jon Lewin.

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Uncle Mike said...

Well played on the "loonies" line, Jon. Which is more than I can say for the Jays that night and the Mets lately. Hopefully, this weekend, when the Jays come to town, they'll play like they did on that Tuesday.

Did you notice that the Braves only got 18,000 for their home game against the Mets last night? Even though the Braves are in first place? For shame. I'll bet half the crowd was rooting for the Mets.

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