Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rob Dibble opens mouth, inserts foot

Washington Nationals broadcaster Rob Dibble -- the guy who insinuated that Jose Reyes' thyroid condition was really PEDs -- is out of control again. This time, he had some ridiculous things to say about two female fans in the stands at the Nationals game Wednesday. I wrote an article for The Faster Times calling him out over it. Please check it out.

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Uncle Mike said...

Rob Dribble, apparently not an EX-Nasty Boy. I guess it never occurred to him that people like to talk at baseball games, and some of them are women. They were probably talking about the game. One thing's for sure: They weren't talking about Dibble!

I have mentioned the game I went to where two women in RODRIGUEZ 13 T-shirts sat in front of me and went on and on about how A-Rod was "hot," which has nothing to do with a player's ability or quality. If those had been the women Dibble was talking about, I would sympathize. But they almost certainly weren't, and so Dibble is probably gunning for this season's Keith Hernandez Award for most misogynistic sportscaster.

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