Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lance Berkman, Joe Buck, and Yankees give me something to scream about

I'm peeved. I had a meeting to attend last night, and I missed the first hour or so of the Yankees-Red Sox game. "No problemo," I thought, "I'll just put my TV on the game channel before I go, and rewind the first hour." Unfortunately for me, I forgot that the game was on My9, and not the YES Network. So when I came home, the Yankees were losing 4-2, and I didn't get to see the Francisco Cervelli-Javier Vazquez uncaught ball mishap until later. Maybe that's just as well, though.

Then today, my Facebook friend Paul (a Red Sox fan, BTW) posted something on my Facebook wall about Lance Berkman hurting Alex Rodriguez during batting practice. My reaction in front of the computer was similar to "The Scream" picture I posted here!

I found this article on ESPN New York about the mishap, which occurred when Berkman accidentally hit his shin with a batted ball, while Rodriguez was at third base:
In obvious pain, Rodriguez hobbled around on the infield grass for a few seconds before staggering into short center field, where he rolled around on the grass before turning face down.

Some of Rodriguez' teammates, including Derek Jeter, thought at first that he was joking and yelled some light-hearted insults. Then, when it was obvious the injury was serious, Jeter shouted for trainer Gene Monahan, who hurried out to where Rodriguez lay.
Manager Joe Girardi, conversing with a member of the Red Sox behind the batting cage, also set out to minister to Rodriguez, and a small group of Yankees huddled over the stricken player before he arose and walked slowly off the field under his own power.
The clip is even more dramatic. A-Rod looked the way I did when Squawker Jon told me he would not go see "Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" with me!

To top it all off, FOX broadcaster Joe Buck just revealed that A-Rod got hurt because Rodriguez was saying hello to him. Yet another reason to hate FOX baseball broadcasts!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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Uncle Mike said...

I wasn't able to watch it either (for reasons I won't get into here), but my thought was, "How do you get hit with a pitch in batting practice?" I wondered if the Yankees had brought back Kyle Farnsworth. Or maybe Ryne Duren. I didn't realize Alex was in the field during batting practice. And why was that?

The Post has a great headline about it: "BP DISASTER." The Daily News backs up the Joe Buck story, saying, "WHAT THE BUCK?"

Fortunately, unlike that game I saw in Baltimore, Alex did not come out in mid-game, resulting in Pena batting 4th. Big difference. And A.J. pitched that day and didn't have it, while CC pitched yesterday and did.

A.J. vs. Beckett tonight. As bad as A.J.'s been, his ERA is still a run per game better than Super Punk's. So we got that going for us, which is... something we better capitalize on.

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