Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Yankees-Red Sox Game, Another Debacle

What a frustrating game to watch. Unlike Tuesday night, I did make it home in time to watch the top of the first inning of the last night's Yankees-Red Sox game. Unfortunately, it was the same old, same old, with the Sox getting three runs in the first. To top it all of, David Ortiz, instead of getting brushed back, got to camp out at home plate and hit a home run off The Bad A.J., who seems to show up every time against the Red Sox. What a nightmare.

Oh, and Ortiz had some classy things to say after last night:
“I don’t care what Joe Girardi says,” the Boston slugger fired back at a local New York writer. “Take it like a man. I’m done with that.” ....

“I don't want to be on national news tomorrow,” replied Ortiz on not flipping his bat after a two-run blast Wednesday. “I don’t want to have you guys asking me the same questions. I got almost 370 bombs in the big leagues and everybody wants to make a big deal because I bat flip one of them. [Expletive] that [expletive], man. If I have to make that video on my [expletive], let’s see how many bat flips I got on this [expletive]. Good night.”
Speaking of which, we're coming up on the second anniversary of the news that Ortiz failed a PED test. Remember how Sherlock Ortiz wasn't going to rest until he found out what happened? It's amazing he can still have time to play and solve crimes at the same time!

Dwight Gooden, of all people, weighed in on Twitter yesterday about Ortiz's bat flip, writing "In the 80s Ortiz would be laying on his ass right now after the stunt he pulled last night."And Red Sox Nation had a lot to say in our comments section as well yesterday, especially after my column on Ortiz got mentioned on Yahoo Sports' Big League Stew!

My own thoughts? I don't understand why Ortiz *still* has never been plunked by a Yankee, after all these years. The Yankees make him feel so comfortable at the plate, I half-expect them to bring out a pillow and a mint for him!

* * *

In other news, how about that Brett Gardner? He's on the lineup in no small part because of his speed, and he doesn't run home in the sixth when the ball gets away? So much for that. He said he didn't move because he thought the ball hit Jeter, which makes no sense.

And remember the days when Derek Jeter used to get the big hit? Unfortunately, those days are few and far between now, and last night, he hit into a rally-killing double play after Gardner's bumbling.

For all the hype about Captain Clutch's upcoming 3000 hits milestone, and the DJ3K bracelet, the fact is that he is having an even worse year than he did last season, even though many fans and writers thought his troubles were over after he hit two home runs against the Rangers. Last year, he hit .270, with 30 doubles, 10 home runs, and a .710 OPS. This year so far, he's hitting .260, with 7 doubles, 2 home runs and a .655 OPS. Yikes!

Oh, and what was up with Alfredo Aceves? Aside from the fact I was muttering to myself about why Brian Cashman didn't re-sign him, I was a little unnerved by how much he was sweating. It was like there was a showerhead installed right above his head, he was so wet. Or maybe he splashed cold water on himself between innings? What was the deal there?

What are your thoughts on Yankees-Red Sox?


NAM said...

Hi Lisa,

Aceves profusley sweating was odd to say the least. I noticed it during an earlier game this season. Can't they line his cap with some terry cloth or something. It was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz when the guy at the gate cries during Dorothy's sob story trying to get into Oz.

How are you Lisa? I have been checking in but not posting. I all is well (other than the last two nights). I think it is going to be a very tight division. Hell, even the O's are only a handful back.

NAM said...

I meant to type in my second paragraph "I hope all is well."


Uncle Mike said...

Beckett on the mound tonight. I wouldn't bet a penny on him NOT hitting a batter.

Time for the fat man to step up. Not the lying cheater Ortiz. Sabathia. CC, you can be classy in your next start. This time, we need to send a message that we're not going to put up with this crap anymore. And if you get fined, take Selig to court and refuse to pay it. I'm serious. Like Bronx native Jennifer Lopez taught us: "Self-defense is not murder." Neither is hitting a guy in ribs so fat he'll never feel it.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, enough with the "lying cheater" talk already. The Yankers have more than enough lying cheaters on the team now and throughout their sordid history, so enough already.

You're just p*ssed off because the Red Sox have embarrassed you 7 consecutive times now, with most of them coming in your bank vault, er stadium. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, deal with it. Oh that's right, you can't deal with it, you've been conditioned by the spin doctors at the "just say NO to YES" network to always believe that the Yankers are winners and the Red Sox are losers. Welcome to the new reality.

If fat boy CC plunks anybody tonight, it won't be because his control is off, it will be because he's been ordered by the Fuhrers (Hank and Hal). No message needs to be sent, other than this one: Red Sox sweep Yankers!!


nutballgazette said...

It looks like the Yankees are a franchise in total freefall. The Yankees have never hit Joba since he is a Red Sox, Just heard Joba is done for the Year maybe for 2 years.

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