Friday, June 10, 2011

Red Sox Get Brooms Out Against the Yankees

Even though the Yankees-Red Sox game was running way past my bedtime last night, thanks to the rain delay that went on longer than an Phish concert,  I really did try to stay up until the end. But I trotted off to bed in disgust when David Ortiz gestured his arms like a Muppet hopped up on caffeine after getting yet another big hit off the Yanks.

At least earlier in the game Ortiz finally got plunked, thanks to CC Sabathia, after both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez got hit by a pitch earlier in the game. Squawker Jon called me to tell me to put on the end of the Mavericks-Heat game, and I was like, "Ortiz got plunked! I have to watch this!" I did put the Mavs' game on in picture-in-picture, though. That was the only other real highlight of the evening, although I did also enjoy watching some of the Billy Joel at Shea Stadium concert on PBS while waiting for the rain delay to be over.

As for the Red Sox, funny thing is, though, that I found out last night, thanks to Squawker reader Larry, that technically, David Ortiz did get hit by a Yankee pitch once before -- in Game 1 of the 2003 ALCS. This is something that has been completely forgotten by everyone, including myself!

Of course, Ortiz was whining about the plunking after the game, blaming the media for it. He's rapidly moving up the charts as being my least favorite Red Sox again. For a while, he wasn't even cracking the top five; now he's No. 1 with a bullet!

Anyhow, I could rehash the rest of the painful loss, and discuss in detail that costly seven-run inning. But what else is there to say? It's a debacle!

* * *

Before I end this post, I guess I need to mention Squawker Jon talking about Joba Chamberlain needing Tommy John surgery. He pointed out that there was the Joba Rules, and the Hughes Rules, but there were no Kennedy rules, and he's, of course, still standing, with a 6-2 record this year, and a 3.01 ERA. So much for Michael Kay's Generation Trey, eh? (Speaking of which, I haven't forgotten that Rafael Soriano started going bad the moment Kay came up with the dopey JoSoMo nickname, and now Joba's hurt. If anything happens to Mariano Rivera, I'm blaming Michael Kay!)

Last night, Jon also helpfully pointed out the possibility that Francisco Rodriguez could be a Yankee, due to his contract being too expensive for the Mets, and the Yankees' bullpen woes. Oh, great. I guess I have that to look forward to, right? Good grief.

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Anonymous said...


Sweep -- sweet!!

Uncle Mike said...

And the Yankees now have a three-game winning streak, and will be ready to take the arch-rivals down in August and September and win Title 28 in October (or November). While this guy's favorite team is wondering if it's going to even MAKE its massive payroll that can't seem to even get it into the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, a three-game streak over the Indians, who started the season well, but have been fading fast (1 win in last 10 games) as of late. Yeah, that's enough to convince me - NOT!

Unless the Sox get hit with injuries (or your money machine starts spending massively), you losers are going nowhere this year.

The Mets are playing for .500 this year, the Red Sox are playing for the title. GO SOX!!

Uncle Mike said...

So if the Mets are "playing for .500," that makes you look like a massive fool for calling anybody else "losers." The only place the Sox are going is to the golf course. That's where they always go when they don't cheat. Sometimes, even when they do.

Anonymous said...

"massive fool"? I don't think so.

The Mets already knew before the season began that they were not going to be playing October baseball, so no one in Metsland has any expectation of winning. To finish the season at .500 would be a moral victory for the Mets, considering what dead head Fred has wrought upon the Mets.

Yankerland, however, has that expectation every year, because of A) their massively bloated payroll, B) being overhyped in the media, and C) ignorant "fans" who think the Yankers have some sort of birthright to "win" the World Series every year.

It seems to me that since 2001, it's the Yankers who have gotten accustomed to playing golf, with only 1 purchased trophy against the Red Sox's 2 earned championships.

No, it's the Yankers and their followers who are the fools. They STILL have not yet learned that championships are earned, not BOUGHT. Just ask LeBron (he's one of your followers), you can't buy a championship. Those 27 trophies you have are all hollow and meaningless, because they were not earned, they were bought.

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