Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yikes! Derek Jeter fractures ankle on freaky play

I am still very upset about what happened to Derek Jeter last night. He fractured his ankle while trying to field Jhonny Peralta's grounder in the 12th inning. The game was already effectively over, thanks to Nick Swisher's poor defense on Delmon Young's double. But after seeing Jeter get hurt, I couldn't help but wonder if the Yankees' season was over. After all, Jeter has been one of the few Yankees to be consistently hitting well in the postseason.

I know some Squawker readers won't believe this, because I have no heart, and I have criticized Jeter in this blog, but I was fighting back tears seeing him lying on the ground like that, and then being helped off the field. It was pretty clear to everybody not named Ron Darling that he was pretty badly hurt right away. (A big clue, of course, was the fact that he didn't get up off the ground, not to mention the scream, which Squawker Jon noticed immediately.) It's just terrible. I hope Jeter makes a full recovery quickly, and is back in the starting lineup next Opening Day.

What also is terrible are the morons out there who I saw online last night making fun of Jeter for screaming when he got hurt, and who said he should suck it up and get over it. Then there are the idiots who said that they wished it were A-Rod getting injured, with one person saying she would be "doing the happy dance" if Rodriguez were injured instead.  Sure, they are in the minority, and I also saw some Red Sox and Mets fans who said very nice things about Jeter, but the fact that anybody would feel okay publicly saying such horrible sentiments is appalling. It's like the Kansas City fans openly cheering Matt Cassel getting knocked out of the game with a concussion. What is wrong with people?

I am not going to pull a Dan Shaughnessy and blame bloggers in their basements on the meanness in this culture. But if all you can think when you see a human being busting his ankle is how he should have taken it like a man (whatever that means) and not screamed, or that you wish it were A-Rod, you are a degenerate and a disgrace to humanity. Seek help immediately.

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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