Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disgusting! Steve Phillips gets new job at WFAN

I was afraid this would happen. Six months after being fired from ESPN for screwing around in the workplace, Steve Phillips has gotten a new job. The former Mets GM will be talking baseball with Mike Francesa's WFAN show once a week. Good grief.

It really ticks me off that Phillips has gotten a high-profile job on the biggest sports radio station in the country so soon after he got fired for cause. What kind of message does that send?

What bothers me isn't that Phillips messed around in his marriage - that's between him and his wife - but that he did it in the workplace. Not to mention that he's not a very good baseball broadcaster in the first place. Of all the knowledgeable voices in this town, he gets a gig at WFAN? Why?

Anyhow, I wrote a rant on this for The Faster Times. Please check it out.

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bm6894 said...

Its a win for the gay married male . Boys will be boys . Mike has said that WFAN can not pay Steve that much so he will kick in a few bucks and take Stevey to some expensive dinners as he enjoys his company . Mike has to be the woman/sub as he is hung like a pimple and Steve is hung like a horse.

Anonymous said...

He is so awesome that he scored not one but two jobs this week (FanHouse too!).

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