Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How much will Derek Jeter's Gold Glove help in his contract negotiations?

The fact that Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira won Gold Gloves for the Yankees yesterday has been lost in the whole to-do over Derek Jeter also getting the award, even though advanced fielding metrics rank him as mediocre at best at shortstop these days. So why did Jeter win it? Is it his name, or something else at work?

Squawker Jon and I were talking about this last night. He joked that the MLB managers and coaches voted for Jeter to stick it to the Yankees in contract negotiations. Jon also noted that it's going to be harder for the Yanks to talk to the captain about eventually moving off shortstop in such negotiations, now that Jeter's agent Casey Close can point to Jeter winning his fifth Gold Glove.

While people like the New York Times' Richard Sandomir are still doing the Jeter gushing, suggesting in an article entitled "Without Lifers Like Jeter, Yankees Lose Their Aura" that Jeter not only is responsible for the five rings, but for the new stadium, I've noticed that when it comes to Jeter getting the Gold Glove, even some Yankee fans think it's a bit ridiculous.

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Matt Warden said...

None. The award is a farse and recognized as such. I don't believe it'll influence his contract negotations at all.

Uncle Mike said...

"Advanced fielding metrics."

"Theoretical physicists will tell you that an elephant can hang from a cliff with his tail tied to a daisy. But use your eyes." -- Jim Garrison

"He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lampposts - for support rather than for illumination." -- Andrew Lang. Not sure who he is, but I first saw this attributed to Vin Scully.

"Statistics are like bikinis: What they reveal can be good, but what they don't reveal can be more important." -- Aaron Levenstein, whoever he was.

"Lucy, tell your statistics to shut up." -- Charles Schulz

I notice A-Rod didn't get a Gold Glove. Did he deserve one?

Subway Squawkers said...

Uncle Mike, is that the best you can do to make Jeter's "case" for Gold Glove, to metaphorically stick your fingers in your ears and ignore reality? Jeter is not the best-fielding shortstop in the league, unless you view "intangibles" as your sole metric. That's a fact.

And what does A-Rod have to do with it, other than maybe the fact that Jeter never won a Gold Glove until A-Rod was no longer a shortstop? Would it make it okay if A-Rod undeservedly won a Gold Glove at third base this year,too?

Anonymous said...

Lisa ...

Everything is usually Arod/Jeter with you so maybe that's why Uncle Mike threw that in ...btw...Alex has only won 2 gold gloves (2002, 2003).

Someone on Lohud put this link to a story about Jeter by Joe's a good read from someone who has given his lumps to Jeter in the past...

Go Yankees 2011 !!

Subway Squawkers said...


I disagree with JoePoz. I don't think it's too much to expect the managers/coaches to spend a little time on this, and pick the best defensive player for each position for that year, and not make it a popularity contest.

Heck, I'm surprised somebody doesn't argue that Jorge Posada should have gotten a Gold Glove this year, because he used to be able to throw out runners once upon a time, and he has a whole lot of rings!

Lisa Swan said...

One other point. Steven Goldman of the Pinstriped Bible has it right:

"It’s amazing how Jeter partisans aren’t satisfied with his going to the Hall of Fame and being one of the most beloved Yankees in the history of the club. He also has to be acknowledged as perfect in all phases of the game."

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