Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World Series bridges Squawker divide

In the ten years that the Squawkers have known each other, the end of the World Series has usually left one of us fuming. We started working together shortly before the 2000 World Series, and I'm still not ready to talk about that one. In 2001 and 2003, the Yankees lost, and in 2004 and 2007, the Red Sox won. Lisa took none of these Fall Classics very well. In 2002, I rooted for the Angels, who had been the first AL team in five years to beat the Yankees in the playoffs. Lisa, naturally, rooted against the Angels.

In 2006, I rooted against the Cardinals after they beat the Mets in the NLCS. The Cardinals' easy victory over the Tigers so easily only made the Mets' failure to make the World Series that much worse. In 2008, the Phillies won, and 2009 was, for me, a nightmare all around.

Aside from 2010, the only time we have been on the same side was in 2005, when both of us rooted against the Astros of Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, though from different perspectives.

The irony of us being on the same side in 2010 and not feeling too bad about the outcome is that both of us were actually rooting for the Rangers. Lisa rooted for them because of having lived in Texas. I rooted for the Rangers because I thought a World Series victory would give them a better chance of keeping Cliff Lee.

But both of us are finding plenty of reasons to enjoy the Giants' victory. The Giants have some similarities to the 1969 Mets - great pitching and patchwork hitting. Both the Giants and Mets upset a great-hitting AL team in five games. Both the Giants and Mets had a Cy Young ace (Tim Lincecum, Tom Seaver) and a no. 2 pitcher who was sensational in the World Series (Matt Cain, Jerry Koosman). Both the Giants and Mets had a rookie starter combine with a reliever for a shutout (Madison Bumgarner/Brian Wilson, Gary Gentry/Nolan Ryan).

The Giants also have some appealing personalities, notably Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson. And they have a great history and an enthusiastic and creative fan base that had never seen a title in San Francisco.

So Lisa and I are uniting for once to say congratulations to the Giants and their fans, and condolences to the Rangers and their fans.

The Squawker truce will last until Cliff Lee files for free agency.

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Uncle Mike said...

There are similarities between the 2010 Giants and the 1969 Mets, but one big difference: This time, it's the players, not the fans, who have hippie hair and beards.

Of course, with their grit and determination, and their calm manager outfoxing the opposing one, the 1969 Mets were deserving World Champions. The 2010 Giants, the song remains the same.

And, just think: If the right thing had been done in the mid-1950s, they would have been the 2010 World Champion New York Giants. And Jon and everybody we know as Met fans, never knowing that franchise and free of the Curse of Kevin Mitchell, would now be taking the mickey (if not THE Mickey) out of the Yankee Fans.

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