Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tim Lincecum: The new face of Major League Baseball?

Shocker! ESPN2's SportsNation's viewers believe that Tim Lincecum can become the face of Major League Baseball.

SportsNation co-host Michelle Beadle says that The Freak is "a two time Cy Young winner and a World Series Champion." She notes than Lincecum is "not the kind of corporate face that's been boring people for years and losing young fans." Ouch!
As for myself, I find Lincecum a fascinating dude, not just because he's a great pitcher, but he because he's got personality to spare. He's very charismatic, in a quirky, San Francisco sort of way. He reminds me a little of Shaun White, in that both of them have their own unique looks.
And as a Yankee fan, it's fun to see somebody like him, who would never "fit in" with the Yankees' hair code or image. I felt the same way watching Manny Ramirez and his own non-corporate hair.
Lincecum is one of the more memorable faces in MLB these days, but I don't know if he can become "The Face of MLB," because of his love of, um, a certain herb. When asked about how San Francisco was reacting to the World Series victory, he said:
"Just a lot of craziness, I'm hoping," Lincecum said. "A lot of beer flowing. Smoke in the air, I'm hoping."

Don't think he's talking about tobacco smoke there!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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Brandon said...

A piece on Lincecum smoking marijuana,how original! How about speaking to how good he pitched in the post season? I'm not surprised New Yorkers focus on off the field things. Oh well at least the Giants dominated the Rangers,the team that destroyed the Yankees.

Lisa Swan said...


Actually, my piece was mostly about how much I dig Lincecum. I wrote several paragraphs praising his pitching and his style.

But yeah, his love of the herb is part of his image, too. Not mentioning that would be like talking about Johnny Damon in 2004 without mentioning his beard.

Brandon said...

Several paragraphs praising his pitching style? Am I missing something? I only see a small post focusing on Timmy not fitting into the Yankees "Hair code" & marijuana rambling.

Lisa Swan said...


I don't quite get your angle. You're criticizing me for writing an extremely positive article about how much I like Tim Lincecum because I mentioned an obvious reason why MLB might not want him as "The Face of Baseball"? I don't know why you're apparently fixing for a fight here.

napaloo said...

Personally, I was a little saddened to see Tim sporting his "Team Redbull" cap at the Giants World Series parade yesterday. The cap sort of cheapened his presence.

That's the thing in SF: We don't like caricatures, we do love characters. We don't care if he smokes pot, hell, we smoke pot- Yesterday's parade route smelled like a Grateful Dead show- but to do that stupid Shaun White "eXtreme stoner" thing on cue? that's just bullshit.

Tim's young, hip and fiercely talented. He's got unorthodox good looks and a cannon for an arm. That alone should sell product. any product. To have him pandering to a specific "lifestyle" market just cheapens everything he's worked so hard to achieve.

Steven said...

I think Lisa's point is that MLB would not take Lincecum as the face of baseball because of the pot, which is still illegal by the way (including in San Fran), not that it bothers her.

Take it easy everybody. And congrats to the SFG's. Please come back to New York!

Uncle Mike said...

Well, Lincecum does LOOK a little like Shaun White, although if I were into snowboarding, the last thing I would want involved with the sport is something called a "(anything)-pipe." The sad part is, Lincecum has better hair than White, the Carrot Top of the Winter Olympics!

My Grandma would've hated Lincecum: The hair, the pot, and, oh yeah, she went to the Ultimate Skybox still hating the Giants, nearly half a century after they followed her beloved Dodgers and caught the last train for the Coast.

He looks so young. He looks like he should be delivering pizzas instead of nasty breaking balls. That whole Giant team is a new version of the old Philly "Whiz Kids" -- except they won the Series!

Anonymous said...

As a giants fan who follows the team religiously, I would like to add that although Tim has the care free look that embodies the ultimate hippie personality, he actually is a very boring interview(with the occasional F-bomb thrown in). He's very by-the-book with a lot of his answers, so if that is what MLB is looking for, he is perfect. And to say that he has charisma would be wrong. On the field yes, as anyone who can strike out a batter at will would command such a label. But during press conferences, charisma involves being able to command the audience, almost like senator blagoyavich did. Nonetheless, MLB would be wise to use lincecum's face in as many ads as possible if they want the sport to grow.

Brandon said...


Try to look at your post through the eyes of a Giants fan, The Timmy the weed head pitcher jokes are tired. Most Giants fans respect the Yankees and dislike the Red Sox and their annoying fanbase. I guess my angle is it would nice to get a little respect in return.

Anonymous said...

I totally love Tim Lincecum !! I'm soooo happy that the Giants won. i can't believe people have the nerve to talk bad about him because " he's the man." it shows really bad sportsmanship.

Anna Wang said...

Haha, you guys, tim lincecum is the best, pot is the best and baseball is the best, its San Fran in Cali up here and we all just gotta hell a chill. Rock on GIANTS

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