Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Say No to Michael Kay's "JoSoMo" Nickname

I am very excited about the way Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano, and Mariano Rivera are pitching out of the bullpen for the Yankees this year. I am significantly less excited over the possibility of the wretched "JoSoMo" nickname sticking to the trio. Ugh. C'mon, Michael Kay, as if foisting "QuanGorMo" onto Yankee watchers weren't enough, now you come up with JoSoMo? Good grief.

My friend Sully Baseball has been complaining about what a terrible era we're in for baseball nicknames, with the creativity consisting of the first letter of the first name, and the next three letters of the last name (A-Rod, A-Gon, etc.), or shortening the last name (Youkilis becomes Youk, etc.) What Kay is doing is even worse. It's like putting Squawker Jon and I's names together and calling us JoLi. JoSoMo is not a nickname; it's an abomination!

How about something emphasizing the power of three, like Triceratops? Now that's a cool nickname. Three Mile Island -- they're so tough, they're nuclear? Three Ninjas? The Three Kings? The Three Amigos? We could get musical with Three Dog Night or Three Days Grace or Three Doors Down. Or operatic with Threepenny Opera! Heck, even Three Billygoats Gruff would be better than JoSoMo!

Or maybe one of our readers has a better idea for a nickname. Please, somebody must have a better idea than JoSoMo!

* * *

I am going to the Yankee game tonight with Kelly, my childhood friend from Passaic, New Jersey. We haven't seen each other since Reggie Jackson was on the Yankees!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

The Irresistible Force. Which will prove, over the weekend, that, no matter how fat that convicted steroid cheat David Ortiz is, he is no immovable object.

David said...

probably should wait until midseason before coming up with a nickname. Just like the Four Horsemen or Four Aces in Philly

Tanisha said...

Wow, hope you and Kelly have a blast at the game.

Uncle Mike said...

Looks like the Force was not with Soriano last night. Maybe the Yankees should stop trusting players named Soriano; Alfonso didn't quite work out, either.

Anonymous said...

Careful with the steroids talk there, Mikey, any of these names ring a bell? Giambi, Gay-Rod, Clemens, Pettite, and too many others to list? Hmmmmm?

And as far as having fat players, how about Jo-bob Chamberlain, CC, Hideki Irabu (Steinbrenner called him a fat pussy toad, real classy)? Hmmmmm?

Uncle Mike said...

Giambi? One Pennant and no titles in 8 years. Never should have had him. A-Rod? Wasn't caught using as a Yankee, and if you STILL think he's gay after all the stories, then you're the dumbest Met fan ever. Clemens? We have as much proof on him as we have on Mike Piazza. Pettite? For what, 4 days, and we didn't win the Pennant that year. "Too many others to list?" I'll say it again: No team has been hurt by steroid use more than the Yankees. And the current crop is completely clean.

Jo-bob Chamberlain, CC, Hideki Irabu? All World Series winners who did NOT need to cheat, much less cheat and then lie about it, unlike David (Big Sloppy) Ortiz.

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