Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts on John Sterling's "Russell Has Muscle" Home Run Call for Russell Martin

Before it's too late, I want to talk about John Sterling's home run call yesterday for Russell Martin. I missed hearing it live, but ESPN's Andrew Marchand reports that it was "Russell has muscle." Not bad -- it has the requisite Sterling cheesiness/charm, without being too out there (I half-expected a Dean Martin reference or something!). Right now, I would rank "Russell has muscle" with "Robbie Cano, don'tcha know!"

Anyhow, I am kicking myself a little. If I had known the new Yankee starting catcher was going to hit a homer in only the second game of the year, I would have started asking Subway Squawkers readers earlier on what they thought Sterling would use for his home run calls. Come to think of it, we'd better start coming up with thoughts and ideas for Eric Chavez, Andruw Jones, and Gustavo Molina!

When I heard about "Russell has muscle," I asked Squawker Jon to guess what Sterling's home run call was. His first guess? Russell Crows! (Get it?) When Jon couldn't figure it out (I think he was relieved that he found himself unable to think like Sterling), I started giving him hints. I went so far as to spot him the first two letters of the last word ("Russell has mu....") and he still couldn't get it, taking stabs such as:

* Russell has mustard
* Russell has mummies
* Russell has mumps
* Russell has Mummenschanz

Anyhow, Jon finally did get it right. But "Russell has Mummenschanz" does have a catchy ring, doesn't it?

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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mikeydee229 said...

john sterling and susan waldman are the two worst announcers the yankees ever had. i am a die hard yank fan since 1955. i cannot listen to them on the radio. his calls are stupid and contrived. after listening to the likes of scooter and messer and bill white, thers two make me want to puke

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