Monday, April 4, 2011

More on Brian Cashman, Keith Olbermann, and the Slap Chop Guy Lookalike

I have written more than once that I thought Brian Cashman was pulling a George Costanza as of late. Now I'm starting to think he's pulling a "Bulworth." Maybe he'll start rapping next!

Anyhow, Keith Olbermann wrote a followup to his discovery of a Yankee staffer who looks like the Slap Chop Guy signaling to Yankee players. He said the staffer was back in his usual home plate on Sunday, after not being there Saturday, but that there was no signaling going on this time.

Oh, and Olbermann said, "Barring more developments, I promise to leave this trivial incident alone, but if you’d like to read a reasoned, calm blog about the response to it, here you go," and he linked to my article on the kerfuffle! Very cool!

Anyhow, when I wrote about Brian Cashman calling bloggers "psychotics," I missed a great joke opportunity to compare Cash's gripes about bloggers to a Scooby-Doo villain complaining about those meddling kids! I hate it when I miss an easy joke like that.

And I wish I had written this line about Cashman being shocked to find out Pedro Feliciano was overworked with the Mets. DaveNJ, a commenter at Amazin' Avenue, writes, "If Cashman is this upset about Feliciano, just wait until someone tells him about Mark Prior." Good one!

I myself am waiting to see if Cash blames the Tampa contingent for the Feliciano thing. Or maybe it's the Steinbrenner brothers. Or us meddling bloggers!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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