Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Ready for the Yankees-Red Sox Series

I am very happy that the Red Sox have started their season 0-6. I love the smell of panic in the morning. It smells like victory!

However, the Yankees can't let the Sox win the series. Heck, even one win will be celebrated in Red Sox Nation like they won the World Series.

I like my Red Sox fan friends, and appreciate their reading Subway Squawkers. But I want them to be the ones wailing and gnashing their teeth after this series, and not me!

Squawker Jon said the Sox just called up Alfredo Aceves. It figures.

* * *

Longtime Squawker reader Uncle Mike has weighed in with his tips for Yankee fans visiting Boston. Check out his blog to read them. Warning -- Uncle Mike actually writes outrageous things like "most Sox fans are intelligent, and love the game as well as their own team." Shocking, I know!

Do you have any predictions for the series? I was on deadline for something, so I didn't have time to write my own!

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