Saturday, June 9, 2012

Subway Series Game 1: Forgettable night for Mets

There was only one positive thing about attending another Met game with Squawker Lisa that ended in a shambles for my team. Lisa spent two innings on a long, slow-moving drink line because she wanted to check out the Malibu party deck and got back to our seats in the top of the sixth. She looked at the scoreboard and said, "Holy bleep, it's still a no-hitter!" On the next pitch, Omar Quintanilla broke it up. Looks like I'm not the only jinx for a change.

But don't feel bad about not realizing it was a no-hitter, Lisa. Mariners pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen was on the mound when Seattle completed a six-pitcher no-hitter last night, and he didn't realize it until the Mariners catcher told him. The Mariners' catcher, by the way, was some guy named Jesus Montero.  But I thought he couldn't catch, much less call a no-hitter with six different pitchers?

If there had to be a no-hitter last night, at least it wasn't in the Bronx. Hiroki Kuroda made it look like it could happen. And if it hadn't been for an error by Derek Jeter, he would have been working on a perfect game. (Imagine if Kuroda had pitched a no-hitter that would have been a perfecto if not for an error by Jeter on a routine grounder.)

When Josh Thole comes back to the lineup, the Mets pitched a no-hitter.

When Jason Bay came back to the lineup, the Mets were nearly no-hit.

As for Johan Santana, we'll always have the no-hitter. Santana actually had a better game than he did in the Bronx in 2009, when he gave up nine earned runs in three innings. At least he was said to be rusty from too much rest rather than hurting from the 134 pitches. Santana's ERA in three games at the new Yankee Stadium is now 12.21.

I had no idea that Ryota Igarashi was pitching in the majors, much less for the Yankees. In 82 MLB games, Igarashi has an ERA of 6.21. And they say Brian Cashman doesn't know pitching.

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Uncle Mike said...

Hello, Freshy? Anybody there? Care to explain how the Yankees "cheated" this time?

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