Friday, June 8, 2012

Subway Squawkers get ready for Yankees-Mets Subway Series

As previously noted, Squawker Jon and I are going to be at the first game in this year's Subway Series tonight. I like going to the first game, because it seems like the crowd is the most intense, on both sides. (The worst was when I saw a Sunday Subway Series game between the Mets and Yankees at Shea Stadium, and the Mets swept the series. That game was a nightmare from start to finish!)

Anyhow, here we are on June 8, 2012, and the Yankees and Mets have nearly the same record. The Yanks are 31-25, with a .554 winning percentage, while the Mets are 32-26, with a .552 winning percentage. Of course, the Mets are doing it on a payroll less than half the Yanks, but I digress. I'll leave that carping to Squawker Jon!

But just when the Mets start looking like a real franchise this season, they do something bush league, like sell copies of the Johan Santana no-hitter tickets! For a mere $50, you can own a ticket stub. Gimme a break. I know that there is a demand for it, which is why the Mets are doing it, and they are offering free and discounted versions to various levels of season ticket holders, but I still think it's bush league.

I am not going to make a whole lot of predictions for this weekend, other than to predict that some bitter Yankee fans will complain at the ballpark tonight that Johan Santana didn't really get a no-hitter. Child, please -- it's a dumb argument. I will also predict that Squawker Jon will show some bitterness, and I will show some sass! What else is new?!

Jon and I were at some of the more memorable Subway Series games in recent years. We were at the Luis Castillo game, where I broke into fits of laughter afterwards, while Jon fumed. We were also at the game where Mariano Rivera earned his 500th save, and K-Rod also walked him with the bases loaded. Good times!

Will something wacky happen tonight? Given that Jon and I are in the house, it's very possible!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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