Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cluck you, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver: Charlie Sheen and Yankees win were only two things worth watching Saturday

Who would have thought that aside from the Yankees winning Saturday, that Charlie Sheen would be the highlight of the FOX broadcast? I am generally not a big fan of  in-game interviews, especially on radio -- John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman had Michael Millken on a few weeks ago, and there was no way to get a clue about what was going on. But I digress.

Anyhow, while I was excited to see the Yankees come back and win Saturday -- winner winner, chicken dinner -- I just find Joe Buck and Tim McCarver intolerable to listen to, with the same old stories and observations. And it figures that the one game this weekend that would have them would be the one of the three I was not seeing in person.

Charlie Sheen, although he is a talented and funny actor, got on my last nerve with his meltdown last year, especially with his creepiness against his ex-wives. However, as flawed a human being he is, I know that he is a baseball fanatic, so I was curious to see if Sheen could be remotely interesting during the FOX broadcast. He was. It was one of the only times I wasn't cursing at my screen demanding that the special guest star stop talking (Jay-Z was another.)

Funny thing was, that Sheen -- a clearly knowledgeable baseball fan -- was paying more attention to the game than Buck and McCarver were. Charlie was also sober and funny and interesting. He even gave Joe Buck something to do other than the usual nonsense. Wasn't really interested in Todd Zeile, although his presence reminded me of that old joke about who bats after Zeile in the lineup. The answer -- the other team!

I have to give Sheen's appearance a thumbs up. Heck, I wouldn't have minding hearing him do play-by-play for an inning or two. He would have to be more interesting than any of FOX's current broadcasters!

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