Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My thoughts on Subway Series Game 1

Sorry, but last night's game was a bit of a snoozer (and no, that wasn't just because my Yankees lost.) It just wasn't all that exciting, even for a Subway Series game.

We have been hearing for years about how the Yankees and Mets players don't really consider the Subway Series any different from other games. In those times, they seemed to be putting a damper on the hype. This time around though, this series really doesn't feel very special.

The only real excitement you could see/feel in the ballpark that translated to watching at home was courtesy of the 7 Line Army -- the group of Mets fans who had batches of seats together in the outfield, and all wore the same shirt.  By the way, there was a nice article about Darren Meenan in Capital New York this week, but of course, some jealous Mets fans ripped into him in the comments section, just because. Squawker Jon, I thought the why Mets fans acted like crabs keeping their fellow crabs from exiting the bucket!

Anyhow, hopefully tonight will be a bit more interesting. It certainly should be, since not only is it a Matt Harvey/Hiroki Kuroda matchup, but Squawker Jon and I will be there in person! If tonight isn't a sellout, though, it will not bode well for the Subway Series in the future!

Our friends at TiqIQ had these interesting stats regarding this week's series:
    • With a combined average price of $116, this is the cheapest Subway Series over the last four years. 
    • This year's combined average price is down 6% from 2012, 3% from 2011, and 41% from 2010.
    • This years most expensive Subway Series game is Game 2 at Citi Field with an average of $140.  
    • This years least expensive Subway Series game is the final game at Yankee Stadium with an average of $109
    • The cheapest secondary-market ticket the series is $28 with fees for the final game at Yankees stadium. 
    • The least expensive ticket in Flushing is $29 for the opener on Monday.

    • The most expensive Subway Series game over the last four years had an average price of $255 on 7/2/11 at Citi Field
    • The Least expensive  Subway Series game over the last four years had an average price of $99 on 5/22/11 at Yankee Stadium

    • The premium over the regular season average for Mets tickets for this year's series is +67% compared to a +140% premium last season. 
    • The premium over regular season average for Yankee Ignore warning s tickets for this year's series is +9%, compared to a +20% premium last season. 

What do you think? Tell us about it.


The Omnipotent Q said...

Last night's game drew just over 32,000, and I bet tonight won't be a sellout either. Just nothing special about this series any more. I knew when MLB expanded this to 6 games a year a few years back, it would come back to bite them. Want to make it special again? Play a three game series once every two years.

Cara said...

I agree, the subway series should be played every 3 years. I know attendance is down throughout baseball and the novelty of the subway series has worn off, but maybe people don't want to spend a few hundred dollars to see a baseball game? There are so many stupid gimmicks in the games right now (i.e. camouflaged hats), why not try the gimmick of reducing the cost of the seats, food, etc.?

Phil Watson said...

I never really thought it was special. I get that I'm in a very small minority, but one of the things that made baseball different from the other sports was the segregation of the AL from the NL, with them only meeting in October.

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