Friday, May 31, 2013

Yankees get swept by the Mets, and I am officially peeved

So, that really stunk. I have a lot to say about the Yankees getting stomped on by the Mets. Unfortunately, I also have a lot to do today, so I will be unable to do a full-scale Squawk until later. The Yankees looked terrible this week. (Oh, and I totally called that Mariano Rivera would blow the save on Tuesday -- once I saw the stat at the game about him going 18 for 18 in saves this year, I knew that he was gong to lose!)

Also, does this mean that we can cancel the "Brian Cashman: Supergenius" award that the media has been ready to give Cash all season? Just wondering.

Anyhow, I will let Squawker Jon have the floor to do the Snoopy Dance, and will silently fume until I can speak in the blog!

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Uncle Mike said...

The Mets did not stomp on the Yankees. This was the Yankees not stepping up, and failing to get the job done. Face it, in only one game did either team score more than 3 runs.

This series did not prove that the Mets are better than the Yankees, or even that they are luckier. All it proved is that the Yankees have to start hitting again. As in, tonight, with The Auld Enemy coming in.

So Met fans can crow about this, like they crow over all wins over the Yankees, like they did over Endy Chavez's meaningless catch, like they did over Robin Ventura's meaningless grand slam, like they did over Johan Santana's one-hitter, like they did over Tom Seaver winning his 300th against the Yankees even though he was pitching for the White Sox at the time.

We have the 2000 World Series clinched at Shea. If they had it, they would be telling us that's all that matters -- and, for once, they'd be right. We are the Yankees. They are a small club in Flushing. And no four-game stretch in May is going to change that.

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