Monday, May 27, 2013

Subway Series Preview: Has-beens vs. never-will-bes

I laughed when the Yankees acquired Vernon Wells. I chuckled when they signed Travis Hafner. I guffawed when they grabbed Lyle Overbay after the Red Sox cut him. Turns out all three "has-beens" are outhitting most of the Mets' pathetic lineup. And the Yankees are tied for the third-best record in baseball while the Mets have the third-worst. At least the Subway Series is only four games this year.

Fortunately, when Squawker Lisa and I bought our Subway Series tickets before the season (another wrong prediction - that these games would be in demand), we ended up with tickets to the game Matt Harvey is pitching.

Other than that, reasons to watch the Mets include Rick Ankiel, who was cut by the Astros, a team bidding to outstink the 1962 Mets, Ike Davis, whose two hits Sunday night matched his total since May 10 and John Buck, who continues to lead the Mets in homers and RBI by wide margins even though he's come back to earth in May, hitting .209 with two homers.

Fortunately, we are going to the Harvey game.

This was supposed to be a year when the Mets added Zack Wheeler and Travis D'Arnaud to a promising core. Now, by the time the prized prospects get to Flushing, there may not be much of a core to build on, judging from the performances so far this season of  Davis, Ruben Tejada and Jonathon Niese. At least David Wright continues to excel and Daniel Murphy and Bobby Parnell are doing well.

But when I find myself wondering if the Yankees will release Overbay after Mark Teixeira comes back so the Mets can scoop him up, something is very wrong.

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