Friday, May 31, 2013

Subway Series Wrapup: Get out the brooms!

Squawker Lisa, I see you somehow can't find the time to write about your Yankees. So let me help you out.

The Yankees were swept four straight games.

By the Mets.

The same Mets who had lost 25 of their last 36 games. The Mets who had lost five of their last six going into the Subway Series, allowing an average of five runs per game.

The Yankees scored a total of seven runs in the Subway Series.

The Mets set a team record for most strikeouts in three games without a walk over the last three games - 34 strikeouts and zero walks.

Matt Harvey pitched only one of those games.

The other two were pitched by Dillon Gee and Jeremy Hefner. After beating the Yankees in the Bronx, Gee's road ERA is down to 7.76. Hefner's road ERA is down to 6.11. 

Ike Davis had four RBI in the series. He has one other RBI in May. 

The Yankees are now 11th in the American League in runs scored. Their pitching has carried them so far, particularly the relief pitching. 

The Yankees' top two relievers, Mariano Rivera and David Robertson, both suffered losses in the series.

But don't worry, Lisa, Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are returning! Sure, Teixeira generally forgets how to hit in his first month of the season. And Youk, who was so-so in April, should find a way to get back on the DL before too long.  Meanwhile, Lyle Overbay will probably have to leave the lineup despite being second on the Yankees in RBI. 

So I can't blame you if you decide to take a well-timed trip to the DL and ease your way back in to having to write about the Yankees by blogging on flat ground.

Well-swept flat ground.

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