Thursday, May 28, 2015

Subway squabbling: Readers argue about the Mets in our comments section!

I am glad I went ahead and put some Mets talk in the blog yesterday. Because it actually got some action going in our comments section. First up is reader RussSharpe, who claims that Mets fans are the real baseball fans of New York. He writes.

"I'm a native New Yorker, I've been a Mets fan since 1963 and I've never been a Yankees supporter! There are National Leaguers and American Leaguers, I'm a National Leaguer so I'm a Mets Fan. New York's Baseball history includes 2 great National League teams that both moved to California in the space of a year. One of those teams (Brooklyn Dodgers) broke the color barrier in MLB the other (New York Giants) wasn't far behind with players Willie Mays and Montie Irvin. The American League Yankees on the other hand lagged behind in that area. The Mets are the New York reincarnation of those 2 National League teams, hense the Dodger blue and the Giants' orange logo. That said I really believe that REAL baseball fans in New York are Mets fans because they are not front runners, they just know the game. Mets fans are fans of baseball, Yankee fans not so much."

Longtime Squawker reader Uncle Mike hates the Mets more than any other Yankee fan I have ever seen! So needless to say, he has a lot to say about this. He starts with the following:

"I'm not surprised more runners are Met fans. It explains why the marathon is held after the baseball postseason, so the Yankees won't be able to distract from the event."

Oh, snap! Then he continues:

"I will never understand why Met fans have this fixation on the National League. Yes, the NL integrated first. It also established the color line in the first place. It established most of the bad things in baseball: The reserve clause, artificial turf, domes, concrete ashtrays that were islands in a sea of parking instead of ballparks, hideous Seventies uniforms, and, of course, interleague play, which never would have happened if the Mets weren't desperate for three extra sellouts."

Then Mike calls New York a front-runners town:

"There is nothing special about the NL. Add up all NL Pennants won by NY teams, and you get 33 - 7 less than the Yankees. New York is NOT a National League town. It is a front-runners' town, and this the Yankees will rule it for many years to come, because the Mets can't see their next Pennant with binoculars."

Finally, he rants about the Mets' colors:

"And the Knicks wore blue & orange 16 years before the Mets, because those are the City's colors, inherited from the Dutch. It has no more to do with the Dodgers and Giants than the Yankees' Pinstripes were designed to make Babe Ruth look slimmer. (Pinstripes didn't do that for David Wells, CC Sabathia, or, now on another New York team, Bartolo Colon.)"

Mike has his own blog -- click here to see it!

What do our readers think? Use our comments section to speak your mind!

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