Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is John Sterling's home run call for Slade Heathcott his worst ever?

John Sterling coming up with
his home run calls?
One of the things about writing this blog is that I don't ever really know what will strike a chord (or a nerve!) with people, and what will be greeted with nothing but crickets. With a few exceptions, that is!

For some reason, anything I write on Michael Kay or John Sterling will generally get a huge number of page views. One of our top 10 all-time most read articles is this piece I wrote in 2012 about Sterling's lame Ichiro home run call. which was “Ichiro, the Yankees’ rising sun, says sayonara." Oy. And my piece on Michael Kay and Jodi Applegate's wedding, which was my second-most-read article ever, still gets page views each month!

Anyhow, I always say that I picture John Sterling sitting in a smoking jacket late at night, a la Cookie Monster on Monsterpiece Theatre, a glass of cognac on the side, pen and paper in hand, coming up with potential home run calls.

But I don't know what the heck he was thinking with his Slade Heathcott home run call. Apparently, Sterling either called it a "heath-shot by Heathcott" or a "heat-shot by Heathcott." Either one is lame.

C'mon, man! There are so many better possibilities! I used my Facebook page to crowd-source some better suggestions, some of which involve the name Slade, which is also the name of a heavy metal band:

He "Slade" that one; now run, run away!

Slade feels the noise!

A heat wave from Heathcott!

A death stroke by Slade!

A hot shot from Heathcott!

Heath "Cott" all of that one!

And I'm sure our readers will have suggestions of their own. Please use the comments section to give me your ideas!


Uncle Mike said...

My vote for all-time worst -- which, thankfully, was not heard very often, because Wilson Betemit wasn't a Yankee for long and wasn't much of a hitter -- was, "You can bet on Betemit!"

Lisa Swan said...

Your "Heath raises the bar" line was much better than what Sterling actually came up with, Mike!

PETERV said...

The Yankees should get rid of that idiot Sterling. He should concentrate on getting the call of the game correct, and not on his stupid unamusing self-promoting homerun calls. He's a disgrace to the entire broadcasting industry.

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