Saturday, May 16, 2015

Who would win in a celebrity boxing match between Jorge Posada and Pedro Martinez?

So, Jorge Posada has been in the news a lot this week, thanks to his new book, and the interviews he has done about them. The A-Rod kerfuffle regarding his remarks has been all over the news this week, so we don't need to rehash the whole thing, other than to make two quick points: Contrary to  Posada's claim on Boomer and Carton that he was "cornered" into saying what he did by the interviewer, he wasn't. Just watch the clip here. Posada is the one who first brings up not just the Hall of Fame, but the 2003 MVP award!

In addition, Posada's PR people aren't happy with my article on him from the other day, and shot down my request for a review copy of his book -- I wanted to put the PED references in context with the book. That is their right and prerogative, but then they can't claim I am taking things out of context, when I cannot actually see the book! Oh, well.

Anyhow, I actually took the time to listen to Posada's radio interviews this week. And while I think he is awfully whiny on things like his sitdown snit, there is something I agree with him on 100%: his anger towards Pedro Martinez. I actually like Martinez, and think he is a smart guy, and one of the most interesting people in baseball, but he went too far in the 2003 ALCS against the Yankees. And he should have apologized to Don Zimmer when Zim was alive. I also thought Pedro was out of line in making fun of Posada's ears -- something he conveniently forgot to mention when he complained about Posada insulting his mother by using a certain expletive. 

Both of them slam each other in their respective books, and make it clear how much they still cannot stand each other. So it got me to thinking: what would happen if there were a Posada/Pedro celebrity boxing match? I posed this question to my friend Jason, who writes on boxing, and suggested he do a column on this! Withering contempt does not begin to describe his response to my writing suggestion. However, he did think  Posada would open as the 3-2 favorite, due to his size, but Martinez would have the advantage in reach and ring savvy.

I then posed this question on my Facebook page. Most readers said Posada would win. My friend Christopher said: "Part of what made Pedro so great was the insane flexibility his fingers had. I imagine making a fist would give him too much pain. I give the edge to Posada." He also noted: "I do give Pedro the edge against aging fighters, however; you saw what he did to Don Zimmer. He'd probably have a chance against Wilford Brimley." Ha!

Longtime Squawker reader Uncle Mike sez: "If it's pro wrestling, where anything goes, Pedro wins because he fights dirty. But if it's boxing, with rules, and a referee to enforce them... It never happens, because Pedro is a coward and would never get in the ring with a real man."

My friend Joe gets a blocking-the-plate dig in on Posada, saying: "All Pedro would have to do is slide at Posada and Jorge would jump out of the way. TKO, Pedro." Oh, snap!

Rahsaan had the funniest line: "I would never let someone who once rocked a jheri-curl beat me in a fight. Advantage Posada." My brother Patrick thought Pedro would win, though. "Pedro would Zimmer slam him to the ground. Plus, compare throwing arms speeds for punches. Pedro hits high 90s; Posada couldn't throw out an invalid attempting to steal 2nd." As for me, I think Posada would definitely win. Take a look at Posada's brawl against Toronto's Jesse Carlson in 2009 vs.  Pedro Martinez's unimpressive "fight" after Gerald Williams charged the mound. Game over. Posada will win!

Now, we just need some TV network to make this match happen!

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