Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another unhappy Yankee ticket buyer

Lots of Yankee fans are having problems with getting good tickets. Neal, a California Yankee fan and longtime Squawker reader, sent me this email about his Yankee ticket experience:

You can add me to the list of unhappy ticket licensees. Last year, I had a nice "C" plan with Tier Box seats in very shallow left field on Sundays - they were great !

Back in September when we had to give our relocation preferences, I asked for a similar package, weekend 15 game package in a similar location, even though I was very unhappy that Opening Day and Old-Timers Day were no longer part of the similar package.

A week or so ago, I finally got my relocation package, and they stuck me in a 12 game package behind the left field foul pole on weekdays. Despite their dire warnings to take what they give you, or else, I got great satisfaction from declining the seats, and went into the pool process. If that doesn't give me something better, then I guess the Yankees will have to get by without my revenue this year. The way they've handled this whole process just sucks.

What a nightmare - it's one bad story after another.

To be fair, is anybody having a good experience with the Yankee ticket process? If so, please email me at Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

So ..why is Neal upset? He can't sell them on stubhub to make a profit? I'm sure he didn't fly in every weekend from California. That's the whole problem in a nutshell...the ticket scalpers (authorized or not). So many of them buy package plans to sell at high prices and take away from the fan who wants to buy a ticket at a face value so he can afford to take his family.

I guess I was fortunate ..I didn't get the weekend plan but I did basically get the same seats as last year which weren't that bad.. just past first base in the upper deck. I'm even paying less than I did last year.

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

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