Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could Max Kellerman's and Mike Francesa's egos fit into the same radio studio?

It's been a tumultuous week for NYC radio. Not only are Opie and Anthony off K-Rock, but sports show yakker - and Yankee fan - Max Kellerman is out at ESPN Radio. He apparently was peeved that Colin Cowherd's show's return to 1050 meant that his show would be cut to one hour, so he asked out of his contract, and the station agreed.

But Max likely won't be off the airwaves for long. Rumor has it that Kellerman might be moving down the dial to join fellow Yankee fan Mike Francesa's show on WFAN. The New York Post's Phil Mushnick writes:
While Francesa the Great & Powerful is known to like Kellerman (at least for now), both men are so thoroughly impressed with themselves that placing them in the same studio at the same time without the presence of sharpshooters armed with elephant tranquilizers would be ill-advised. In a medium that accentuates the self-smitten, Francesa and Kellerman are standouts.

Ain't that the truth!

What Francesa needs now is what he had with Chris (Mad Dog) Russo - somebody who knew something about the fine art of self-deprecation. From Dog's silly Marquis wig to his "singing" with Southside Johnny, he wasn't afraid to make a fool of himself, and to get listeners to laugh at the same time. But much like Francesa, the next time Kellerman pokes fun at himself will be the first time.

I used to like Kellerman when he first started on 1050 - he provided a younger perspective, and used stats to back up his opinions, something you don't often hear on sports radio.

But I found him hard to listen to in recent months. For one thing, he ticked me off when he went on a weeklong tirade last October about how true Yankee fans would want to see Joe Torre and the Dodgers go on to the World Series. I also could have done without hearing about his wealthy Hamptons lifestyle ad nauseum.

While I think Kellerman could provide sparks with Francesa - they certainly have different takes on the Yanks, for one thing - I also think the two of those egos in the same radio studio would end up being too much to listen to. Every day would be a "who's more pompous" contest, or maybe a "who's wealthier" yakfest. Sheesh.

Then again, at least there might be one good thing that could come out of their pairing - a better theme song. Kellerman, who has eclectic tastes in music, would never want to be linked to that ridiculously out-of-date "Mike'd Up" theme song. Hey, Mike, that tune would have been rocking if this were 1984, but right now, it sounds like you're broadcasting in parachute pants and a Members Only Jacket!

What do you think about Max and Mike together? Leave us a comment!


Andrew Fletcher said...

My working title: Mike'd Up to the Max.

Anonymous said...

I would like the music theme to be "Classical Gas"

Anonymous said...

who cares about mike and max, i am bummed about O and A! now i am stuck listening to that idiot on the fan with boomer, or those two know-nothing about sports jacka$$es on espn radio!!!!!!

Lisa Swan said...

Anon, I actually kind of like Mike and Mike. But yeah, I agree with you on Boomer and Carton - just awful!

Mike'd Yp to the Max is good. But how about Mike and the Max Dog? ;)

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