Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is the Madonna song title A-Rod wanted removed from an interview?

Forget any thoughts that all would be quiet on the A-Rod front while he recovers from torn labrum surgery. Today Alex is on the cover of the New York Post, kissing his own reflection. The headline is "I love you sooo much."

The photo is from A-Rod's upcoming cover story with Details magazine. But maybe even the Post is getting tired of writing about Alex - he has to share the cover with Barack Obama!

According to the Post:
The mag captures A-Rod's essence, with pictures of him smooching his own reflection, stretching his toned muscles on a bare mattress and brooding seductively for the camera.

Rodriguez wore Calvin Klein T-shirts and tank tops for the spread, evocative of the designer's sexy, envelope-pushing ads.

Click here to see another picture of A-Rod looking into the mirror.

Good grief.

I'm a big proponent of self-deprecation, and perhaps this is A-Rod's attempt of mocking his own image. Maybe this would work if he were in Hollywood. But Alex has never understood that this type of publicity, while part of the game if you're pushing a new movie, doesn't exactly fly in the baseball world.

A-Rod's got, what, at least a half-dozen people on his payroll working on his image, and telling him how to handle the media?

I can give him some much better advice for free: Here's a nice steaming cup of shut the heck up, Alex. Drink it.

Alex also discusses Madonna in the interview, calling her "an amazing entertainer." He also told Jason Gay, the reporter interviewing him, the name of his favorite Madonna song, a tidbit he "frantically reached out to him after the interview to retract" because he didn't want the song to be played by the team's opponents at every game.

So now I'm wondering which Madonna song is his favorite. And you know, there really isn't a good answer to that one for a professional ballplayer, except maybe Madge's "This Used to Be My Playground" from "A League of Their Own."

But I think these Madonna songs would be particularly embarrassing to be the most-played on A-Rod's iPod:

* "American Pie" - I thought the Brady Bunch did the worst cover version ever of Don McLean's classic hit. I was wrong.
* "Like a Virgin" - Although I still think of Weird Al's "Like a Surgeon" parody whenever I hear this song.
* "Vogue" - Think the tan in a can and the frosted tips were a bit much? How about this song as an A-Rod fave!
* "Material Girl" - Oooh, the Material Girl and the Material Boy hook up. Charming.
* "You Must Love Me" - This "Evita" soundtrack song really does fit A-Rod's personality, though. Are we going to have to start calling him A-Vita?

But what do you think? What's your guess for A-Rod's favorite Madonna song? Leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

I don't know because my motto is "I love me some me." so I can't say anything. :)

Those who don't want to talk about him talk about him the most. People need to borrow A-Rod's mirror so they can figure that out.

Subway Squawkers said...

Symphony, you're right. A-Rod is a gift that keeps on giving to the media (and to bloggers!) I cringe when he says something dopey, and want him to shut up, but yeah, I still write about it. Nothing drives up the page views like Alex!

Anonymous said...

I love this day off thing! I can respond immediately. LOL. This is dangerous.

I agree, A-Rod is the gift that keeps on giving, kind of like herpes. I know reporters and bloggers want people to respond/ react to their work. And nothing gets people going like A-Rod. I get that.

No, its the Peter Abrahams, Joel Shermans, Wallace Matthews and Mike Lupicas (and the list goes on) who act like there is nothing on this planet they HATE more than when they HAVE to write about A-Rod.

They act as if its beneath their degrees and their bylines. Like he's something on the bottom of their shoes.

As far as I'm concerned there is a generation of sports fans who have no idea what sports journalism is all about. They think all there is to being a sports columnist is to have some empty opinion.

Sports journalism is full of fogeyism, bias, double standards and grandstanding. And now I've completely changed the topic of your post. Sports journalists irk me. Can you tell? LOL

I'm going to go with the Playground song because A-Rod thought everyone would think it was cool he chose a son dealing with baseball.

Anonymous said...

It's the Post/Enquirer...more gossip columnists than real sports journalists.

The only "hits" I care about is those that he gets on the field not what song he listens to.

I just wish Alex went to the school of Derek Jeter when it came to dealing with the media ...talk but give them nothing. Actually with Alex he's better off not talking ..anything he says will get twisted because he's Alex. He will always be in a lose/lose situation with much of his own doing.

CC & Mo tonight ...

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

Alex Rodriguez needs to get new "handlers" for his public image. What could he possibly be thinking with this photo spread? Does he not understand this is just another thing to be tortured about? I swear, the guy is self destructive.....pretty sad.......

Anonymous said...

A-Rod has all the media and fans tethered to puppet strings, and he controls the direction they head in.

Think about it for a minute. How simple is it to use the power of your status if you're someone like A-Rod to possibly contrive situations just to watch the drama unfold. Masses of media journalists, sports writers, blog writers, and columnists scrambling like blind sheep being herded just to slop up a piece of the A-Rod spotlight to garner some attention their ways.

Do you really think the highest-paid baseball player on earth playing for the most prolific baseball team on earth really gives a rat's ass about what faceless nobodies like us think? At the end of the day, he's still A-Rod raking in millions and screwing anyone he damn well pleases.

Anonymous said...

He's making it soooo hard to keep defending him. Why couldn't he do a magazine shoot with kids, teaching them about the dangers of steroids or something? On second thought, he doesn't need to do any magazine shoots, period. Just rehab your hip, A-Rod, and come back and play good baseball. As for the Madonna song, I'm going with "Lucky Star" because he probably thinks he's hers.

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