Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did you get Yankee single-game tickets?

The 2009 season will be here in the blink of an eye. Not only is Derek Jeter back with the team, but single-season Yankee tickets went on sale to the general public at at 10 am yesterday.

I wasn't able to be on the computer when they went on sale then, but I tried my hand at attempting to buy Opening Day tickets last night. The good news is that there are still tickets available. The bad news is that they cost $2625 a piece, plus a $59.70 so-called "convenience charge" cost per ticket! Convenient to what - giving my credit card company agita?

Oh, and Yankee CEO Lonn Trost finally admitted yesterday that contrary to what he has been saying for months, the Yanks had only sold the equivalent of 36,000, not 39,000, tickets per game before the sale:
Lonn Trost said the sale began with full-season equivalents at just under 36,000 for the 52,000-capacity ballpark. He said January's announcement that full-season equivalents had reached 39,393 resulted from an internal team miscommunication and the higher figure referred to the final season at old Yankee Stadium, which held about 57,000 seats.
What "internal team miscommunication" was that? He used that 39,000 number on Mike Francesa last month to justify the raw deal partial season-ticket holders have gotten this year. Now it turns out to be an error? Right!

What kind of luck did our readers have at getting tickets? Please tell us about it!


Anonymous said...

I had a code to buy tickets during the pre-sale and by some miracle, I was able to get tickets to opening day for $22!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm a partial season holder I was able to get ONE ticket for Opening Day ..Right Field Box. I also have tickets to the Cubs 4/3 game in the same section. It's probably the only time I'll ever see field level tho'. My plans are in the Grandstand just past first base which isn't too bad ..I had basically the same seats last year. I also had a plan in Tier 3 (right behind home plate) but I'm not seeing those seats again either unless I buy on Stubhub.

My daughter did great with tickets ...2 Boston games, 2 Met games, the April 3rd game and Opening Day (bleacher seats). She worked with her b/f on two different computers and was lucky in getting seats to all those games. Of course she's taking Mom to them too ...:o).

All in all I have tickets to 38 games this year including Opening Day in Baltimore, a game in Fenway, 2 at the Marlins, 2 in Toronto so I'm not complaining.

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

nutballgazette said...

Didn;t try, I had to setle for opening day of the rays vs the Yankees in St Pete.

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