Friday, May 22, 2009

Yankee fan must root for Mets and against Phillies

It shouldn't exactly be a surprise that I'm rooting for the Mets over the Red Sox this weekend. Talk about a no-brainer! I didn't even root for the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series. So why would I cheer for the Red Sox over the Mets just because the Mets are our crosstown rivals? It makes no sense.

Anyhow, it's weird that Squawker Jon and I are on the same side for once, with me cheering for the Mets, and him rooting for the Yankees. It just seems all so strange for Jon and I to cheer for the same teams, though. My blogging partner is the guy who has rooted for USC, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and even TCU's Horned Frogs just because all those teams faced my Texas Longhorns in college football.

So my rooting decision is much easier for me than it is for him. Squawker reader Uncle Mike aside, most Yankee fans don't hate the Mets the way the Met fans despise the Yankees. They just don't.

Meanwhle, way too many Met fans, including my partner in Squawking, root for the Red Sox just because of their rivalry with Yankees. It's that whole Little Brother Syndrome thing. You'd never see Bomber fans expending the psychic energy to root for the Phillies and the Braves, just because they're against the Mets.

In 2004, it was ridiculous how many Met fans called up WFAN to celebrate the ALCS. What were the Mets fans cheering about? Their team finished 71-91 that year!

Anyhow, I will make my predictions for this weekend in a moment, but I just want to say a few word's about last night's ninth victory in a row. I was at dinner for most of the game, so while I did get to see Joba Chamberlain get knocked out of the game - literally, I missed much of the rest of it. Kudos to Alfredo Aceves for stepping in and pitching so well in Joba's place.

Incidentally, is Adam Jones the Yankee-killer or what? Johnny Damon hurt his back Wednesday night going after Jones' home run ball? And now Jones hits Joba in the knee. I guess the Orioles have their new Kevin Millar!

Nine in a row is impressive, but the Yanks face a big test of the year so far with their three games against the team to beat this weekend, the 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Here's how I think the games will go:

Friday: Brett Myers vs. A.J. Burnett. I know A.J. hasn't won in over a month, and his ERA is terrible, but he's really pitched better than his numbers indicate. I think the power of the pie will work in his favor tonight, with him being the victim of a pieing when he's talking to Kim Jones tonight. Edge: Yankees.

Saturday: J.A. Happ vs. Andy Pettitte. I think this is a game the Yankees will lose, for two reasons. While Burnett is better than his numbers indicate, Pettitte has pitched worse than his overall numbers (4-1 with a 4.18 ERA) indicate. And when Andy gets hit, he gets hit hard. Throw in J.A. Happ, a starter the Yankees have never seen, and you have the recipe for a Yankees loss. Edge: Phillies

Sunday: Cole Hamels vs. CC Sabathia. Battle of the aces. I think this game will be a pitcher's duel, but I give the edge to Sabathia. Just a hunch. Edge: Yankees

As for the Mets/Red Sox series at Fenway Park, here are my predictions:

Friday: Johan Santana vs. Daisuke Matsuzaka. This is a great matchup, and something I would watch if there weren't a Yankees-Phillies game on at the same time. Dice-K is making his first start since coming off the DL. I give Santana the edge, but the Mets need to score some runs for him for a change. Edge: Mets

Saturday: Mike Pelfrey vs. Josh Beckett. Surpisingly, Pelfrey's having a slightly better year than Beckett. Pelfrey is 4-1, with a 4.61 ERA, while Beckett is 4-2, 5.85. This is a tossup for me, though. I could see either team winning. Edge: Neither

Sunday: Tim Redding vs. Tim Wakefield. I still remember Redding's disastrous outing in Fenway Park with the 2005 Yankees (the game where Trot Nixon hit an inside-the-park home run after Melky Cabrera messed up the play.) The Yanks ended up losing that game, 17-1. Because of that game, I give the edge to Tim Wakefield in this battle of the Tims. Edge: Red Sox

But what do our readers think? What are your predictions and rooting interests for this weekend? Tell us about it!


NAM said...

People keep asking me "what are you doing for the holiday weekend?" What am I doing? What planet do these people live on? I will be watching world class baseball and not just the Red Sox; I will be keeping an eye on the Yankee games (who have won 9 in a row and are ticking me off) and the rest of the division as well. Have a great weekend all and be safe!


The Emperor said...

No brainer for sure: Go Mets!

If the Mets win the series and we win ours against the Philies, we may end up in first place if the Jays continue to lose!

The Emperor said...

In fact, both NY teams can stand to wind up in first place if things all go our way!

Anonymous said...

This is the ONLY time I'll be rooting for the Mets since I really have no other option. When the Mets/Sox played in '86 I had the perfect solution ...I just made believe there wasn't a WS that was cancelled Any other time I usually root American League in the World Series EXCEPT when it comes to the Red Sox (sorry Nam). Of course if more Red Sox fans were like Nam maybe I would have even rooted for the Sox (nah...I don't think so ..haha)

Anyway ...what will be will be and we shall see by the end of the weekend...Go Mets !! (ugh)..GOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, as a Met fan, let me first say "Go Yankees!" for this weekend series against the Phillies. I certainly don't speak for all, but personally, I don't care what the Yankees do, as they are an AL club and have no impact on the Mets in the standings, except for their six interleague games. I would assume I am in the minority, but I'm sure it is because I have never lived in New York (When my father immigrated to the US, he lived in NY before coming to California, which is where I get my love for the Mets). I do however, have a dislike for many Yankee fans, at least the ones like Uncle Mike (Though admittedly I haven't had the chance to argue with him in quite some time, as I haven't visited frequently since you switched sites). This is solely based on the things that they write or say, which reeks of an air of superiority for all things pinstriped, and disgust and inferiority for all things orange & blue. Call it the little brother complex, or whatever name you wish to give it, either way I assume it is the reason that many Mets fans hate the Yankees and want them to fail as you mentioned. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Michael in California

NAM said...

I understand! And I do the same thing. What Stanley Cup?; what NBA Title?. I just view it as more free time to watch baseball.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I'd say you're completely off base about Mets fans. Most of the ones that I know only check the Yankees box score if they have a Yankee on their fantasy team. To sum our feelings up in one word....apathy. The Mets don't feel like the little brother. That's only something that you tell yourself to sooth your clearly gi-normous ego.

The Emperor said...

Than why -- other than the upcoming series -- do a lot of Mets fans root for the Red Sox?

NAM said...

I'm sorry, but I am not buying the Mets fans don't care about the Yankee's argument. I'm not saying Met's fans have to feel inferior or the little brother to the Yankee fans, but, come on, it has got to be a tad annoying to be in the same city with the 26 WS winning Yankees.

The Emperor said...

Personally -- and this is the truth -- I do not hate the Mets. I never really have.

I know a few months ago I was posting messages taht I do, and it's not true. I'm no fan - not by the farthest stretches of the imagination - but the word that best sums up my feelings torwards the Mets is indifference.

The reason for my own (foolish) hostility in previous posts was a reaction to a lot of Mets' fans hatred of the Yankees, which to me still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We're not in the same league. We only play each other during Interlegue.

I can understand if a lot of older Mets fans were once Dodger or Giant fans, or if their parents were. I know the Mets inherited a lot of old National League fans in NY when the Dodgers and Giants left for California, but nowadays the only possible reason I can coem up with that's truly rational for why Yankee and Met fans hate each other's teams has to do with bragging rights in the same city. If that's all there is to it, I can attest to that, but for me it goes no further.

But it does irk the s**t out of me when Met fans root for Boston simply because they are our division rival. Like Lisa said, Yankee fans do not root for the Philies or the Braves because they are the Mets division rival.

Paul from Boston said...

Wow...that inside the park homer was 05? Ugh - pardon me while I have another one of those "time is going by way too fast moments". I missed it because I was at a concert but got text updates from friends.

Anyway, I'm with you NAM - baseball baseball baseball! Since the Yanks are the FOX game I'll get to see both - Go Phillies!

It seems pretty logical to root against your division I have Utley on my fantasy team. So no offense Met fans - nothing personal.

Speaking of Met fans - the last time they were at Fenway I went to the last game of the series - and I had never experienced such an influx of fans from the opposing team (now I know how O's fans feel). They were a ton of fun - we got in friendly jabs and it was all good natured. Coco made an unreal catch to bail out Timlin, and the Sox won their 12th straight. Oh yeah, and then the rest of 06 happened - oops. :)

Call my cynical but I don't think the Mets will need to score too many runs for Johan...even when healthy Dice-K is too much of an adventure. I think you've pretty much nailed it Lisa with the predictions - although I think Beckett is chilling out so I'm going to say very slight edge Sox in that one.

Have a safe happy weekend - cheers from Boston!!!

Anonymous said...

NAM, I can't answer why some Met fans root for Boston, all I know is that I don't care for the American League at all, as I feel the pitcher should always have to hit as well. As a matter of fact, about a year ago I referred to the Red Sox as "Yankees Lite" on this blog and that reference drew sharp criticism. It was a reference to all of the bandwagon Sox fans since 2004 that are here in Southern California. But like I said in my previous post, I just think that many Met fans want to see the Yankees fail because of the arrogance of many Yankee fans. Not all of them of course, but it is funny how even here in Califonia the attitude of Yankee fans is "26 Championships", if you know what I mean.

Emporer, I know what you mean, I personally can't stand the Lakers (Or much of the NBA these days, for that matter), but it was rather annoying to see all of the Laker haters sporting Celtics gear last year just because they hate the Lakers.

Michael in California

Uncle Mike said...

Lisa, I rooted for the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series. And look what that got me! So if such a monstrosity were ever to happen again, what would I do? Uh, watch the Devils and Rutgers football... Of course, they both stunk in the fall of '86...

The reason I hate the Mets that much is that I grew up in what I thought was a town full of Met fans, who had the arrogance without the earning. I used to proudly say that the Mets had never won the World Series in my lifetime -- although it was very close. Then they ruined my senior year of high school (well, that, and I let a girl I'll identify only as S.H. get away) by winning that tumultuous Series.

And yet, when they polled the senior class the following June, the more popular team was... the Yankees. I was shocked! They sure didn't seem like the more popular team. I guess I was the only one brave enough to say so in public in the midst of all that Flushingness.

Sure, I'll root against the Braves, but not because of what they do to the Mets. Rather, it's because they and their fans are annoying as hell. But I won't root against the Phillies -- except this weekend. I know too many good people in Philly and South Jersey who are Phillies fans.

As to Met fans celebrating in 2004, I have a matching story. (Don't worry, it's short.) There was a Yanks-Mets game in 2002, and I couldn't get into The Stadium, so I go across River Avenue to Billy's, and there's a couple of Met fans asking me who won the World Series last year. Easy answer: "Not your stupid Mets!" Since when does a Diamondback victory make the Mets any less of a failure?

As for your predictions: I think your Yankee picks are right, especially the Saturday game (which I could actually go to, although tonight's is out because of the time and I'm otherwise occupied on Sunday) -- the Yanks usually have trouble with unfamiliar starters.

But as I said in Jon's entry, Dice-K baffles expectations, and the Mets don't hit for The Great Johan Santana, and I think it's going to be 1-0 Sox tonight. Beckett's tough start flies in the face of my previous reasoning that he's this era's Bret Saberhagen, great in odd-numbered years but disappointing in even-numbered ones. But Pelfrey has pitched well lately, and the Mets might win that one. Not Sunday, though, as Wakefield's knuckler will drive the Mets nuts.

And I think you're a little off on the Redding vs. Nixon story. I saw that Melky misadventure at a chain restaurant that night, and wasn't the only one who gasped. I was, however, the only one who yelled, "Use two hands, dummy!" That wasn't 2005, it was 2006, because, just a month later, albeit in left field this time, Melky made that HOLY COW catch to rob Manny. Didn't need two hands that time!

The Emperor said...

Mike, your HS senior year was '86?

Anonymous said...

Well Uncle Mike, looks like we do have one thing in common, we both hate the Braves!

Michael in California

Lisa Swan said...

No, Melky made the catch in 2006. 2005, he was up for a cup of coffee. After the inside-the-park homer, he got sent down to the minors. He didn't come up again until the next year.

And Mike, before KM asks the joke, was that graduation date 1986 or 1886? ;)

Ryan O said...

So...when are the Yanks going to order that humidor??

Paul from Boston said...

The inside the park homer was definitely '05 because that was the second time the Sox beat the Yanks 17-1 that year (I was at the other one - my first trip to the Stadium).

Anonymous said...

got there before i did lisa! I can't speak for other mets fans, but I hate the yankees. and for similiar reasons that grandpa hates the mets. we may have "arrogance without the earning" but that is no less annoying than the yankee fans arrogance with the earning, when the fans actually haven't earned a damn thing!

that is why last night was perfect. two wins from my perspective. I won't root for the yankees to beat the phillies. we don't need/want their help. the mets have no problems with the phillies, head-to-head. when they play the marlins my outlookd may be different!

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