Monday, March 1, 2010

What A-Rod, Jose Reyes, and Tiger Woods have in common

Yankee spring training has been - make that had been - pretty tranquil this year so far; the biggest scandal to date was Alex Rodriguez's fender-bender with his $400,000 Maybach. (I think spending that kind of money on a car is pretty ridiculous, precisely for that reason!)

Anyhow, things were quiet - until now. There's a whole to-do about how A-Rod is being interviewed by the feds about Anthony Galea, the Canadian doctor accused of getting PEDs to athletes. (I wrote about him, and his connection to Tiger Woods, in a Faster Times column last week.)

Recently, Met shortstop Jose Reyes, who has been treated by Galea, met with federal authorites about the doctor. Now it's A-Rod's turn. Which is curious, because until Monday, all we knew was that he was treated by Mark Lindsay, a chiropractor and business partner of Galea. Now it sounds like he may have been treated by Galea.

The Yanks gave a rather interesting, pointed statement Monday about it all:

"The New York Yankees have not been contacted with regard to an investigation of Dr. Tony Galea. The Yankees never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez, nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment.

"The Yankees authorized Dr. Marc Philippon to operate on Alex and oversee his rehabilitation. At the request of Dr. Philippon, we also authorized Dr. Mark Lindsay to supervise the daily rehabilitation program established by Dr. Philippon. We will continue to monitor the situation."


Stay tuned - I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear about this.

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