Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I'm not taking this whole Joe Mauer thing very well

I was having a great day Sunday. Then I heard the big news coming from the Minnesota Twins camp. What are the Yankees going to do without Joe Nathan to kick around, now that the closer is getting Tommy John surgery and will be out for the year. Nathan had become the new Arthur Rhodes, the way the Yankees owned him, and it's a bummer that he's hurt.

So I checked out, and saw that there's a place where fans can leave "notes of encouragement" for him. I was all set to write something to Nathan, saying that this Yankee fan hoped he made a miraculous recovery just in time for the playoffs, but Squawker Jon told me not to do it.

Anyhow, if that weren't bad enough news emanating from Twinsland, then I heard how Joe Mauer was signing an 8-year, $184 million contract with the Twins.

All my dreams about Mauer were shattered. All my coveting Mauer to be the future catcher of the Yankees was for naught. All my hopes that the Twins would be unable to come to agree to terms with Mauer are over and done with.

So much for my dreams that the Yankees would get "one for the thumb" with their fifth $20+ million player!

When I heard the Mauer news, my reaction was similar to Florida's infamous "Damn, damn, damn" exclamation on "Good Times," although I didn't destroy a punch bowl.

Damn, damn, damn indeed!

Squawker Jon had a field day teasing me about Mauer, as did some Yankee-hating Facebook friends. Even one of our Twitter followers gave me the business, writing to me, "8 years people!! And to all you people who thought #Mauer would be a Yankee! Sing your SWAN song! .:cough cough:." Ouch!

Anyhow, Mauer actually keeping with the small-town image and staying with the hometown team is a real shocker. For once, instead of the big star heading for the big city, Mauer is going to stay put in Minny. Bummer. Hope he knows that his chances of hosting "Saturday Night Live" are officially kaput!

To top it all off, I read this morning about Johnny Damon has started wearing his 2004 World Series ring again. When will the misery end?

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Bernadette Pasley said...

Lol, great post!

Riddering said...

I'm in agreement with Squawker Jon on the front, though the idea does make me chuckle.

Y'know, once the news settled in I realized how distraught you would be over the loss of the pinstriped Mauer dream. Though I never shared the fantasy, I'm sorry for your loss.

If it makes you feel any better, check out LoHud for a short but sweet interview with Jesus Montero on how he's working to improve his defense and keep smacking the stitching out of baseballs. I can't wait for his MLB debut.

Uncle Mike said...

Oh, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... I did what you said, checked out "Maple Street Press," and apparently they think that Jesus Montero will be ready for the majors in just 1 year. Just in time to replace our beloved Jorge Posada as starting catcher? Maybe, unless Jorge's got more than one good year left.

Actually, it's Laura Posada that I love... And, unlike some of my other hopeless celebrity crushes, I've actually met her. Long story, and she probably wouldn't remember me anyway. But she looks just as good in real life.

Let's put it this way: With Joe Mauer, the Twins are 2-9 in postseason games against the Yankees -- 6-18 overall. They haven't won a postseason series 2002, and only that one since that epic 1991 World Series. That was during the Bush Administration. The father's, not the son's.

Joe Mauer? We don't need no stinkin' Joe Mauer! We've got Hip Hip Jorge, and then... Jesus saves!

Yanksgal07 said...

First ..I always felt Mauer would be back with the Twins but it's not that he's a Saint sticking with his team ...after all...he's getting 23 mil a year. He seems like a terrific guy but if they weren't going over 20 mil a year I doubt he'd have agreed to the contract and I wouldn't blame him in the least. The Twins couldn't afford to NOT keep Mauer with the new stadium and facing the wrath of the fans not keeping the hometown boy after losing so many fan favorites in previous years.

I'm actually happy he signed because I would like to see if either Montero or Romaine can develop into our next Jorge Posada or maybe even better...

Less than two weeks to Opening Day ...YAY !!!!


Go Yankees 2010 !!!

myjah said...

I think this is why you "pissed off an entire state" by coveting Mauer. Wasn't because Minnesotans were worried he would become a Yankee. 'Twas more about the annoying-ness of Yankee fans' ignorance, thinking Mauer would go to the Yankees. Anyone who knew anything about Mauer beyond his stats would know that if anyone was to do this, it would be him. He loves his family, his grandparents get to watch him at every game, he's quiet, he doesn't like to talk about himself, he likes playing baseball more than money, he drinks root beer, likes to hunt and mow his lawn, etc.

I wrote the thing about the deer stand--I guess that was what I was trying to get across about Mauer. Just failed to realize not everyone knows what sitting in a deer stand is all about...

Haha, Mauer hosting SNL. I'm sure he is going to be REALLY disappointed about that.

Adam said...

Wayne Gretzky, Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Lance Armstrong, John Madden, Joe Montana, Andy Roddick, Tom Brady, Charles Barkley, Jeff Gordon, Bill Russell, Michael Phelps, Jonny Mosely, O.J. Simpson, Walter Payton, Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders. That's only part of the list of athletes who have hosted SNL without ever wearing pin stripes. Stop harping on it. For once Yankee money couldn't out bid another team, get over it.

Lisa Swan said...

Guess I'll have to put my faith in Jesus (Montero) for the future.

Maija, I'm a little amazed that Mauer actually kept with what he was supposed to be about, and stayed with the Twins. Look at how many players have said one thing, and done the other, when it comes to Yankeeland. Him staying in Minnesota is a real man bites dog story, IMHO.

Kate said...

If the Twins win the World Series in the next eight years....Mauer can host SNL in that case.

Peyton Manning hosted and Charles Barkley has hosted three times and never won a championship, nor played in NY.

It might be small town USA (and Mauer's hometown) but the contract stinks like NY-type money.

Anonymous said...

Mauer's no-trade clause is in his favor....if he wants to go in 3 or 4 years it is his decision to make.

Montero looks to be phenomenal, but he needs to get in shape. Also, his strong arm is just getting him by, because his mechanics are not great. This youngster needs to put some serious work in Triple A and I bet when the roasters expand, he will be in the Bronx come September!


myjah said...


You are right, this definitely is not the typical story. But knowing how Joe is, I would have been far more shocked to see him leave. I could list off a ton of really good reasons why (he loves his family; he is painfully shy; carl pohlad is dead, and pohlad sons care a lot about not wreaking their name in minnesota; Joe grew up [as I did, and still do] idolizing Kirby Puckett; the new stadium is putting the Twins in the top ten teams in revenue; etc.).

I think Joe can explain himself much better than I, in this one minute clip from his press conference.
(yeah--it cuts away right when he really gets weepy about his family)

And really, he is not kidding about his family. That was the number one reason I knew he wouldn't leave--he'd be further from his family. His grandparents go to every game, and Joe thinks it is the coolest thing in the world. The Twins even signed Joe's brother at the same time as Joe, so Joe had someone with him the one year he spent away in the minors (his brother is now a Twins' minor league manager). He's hands down the most wholesome baseball player (and maybe person) I've ever seen. (ex: the ESPN article on Morneau and Mauer's bachlor pad from a few years ago, in which Morneau brags about the pop machine filled with beer, "and Root Beer for Joe.")

This is definitely not the typical case, couldn't agree more. He's not the typical player either.

P.S. The only other place beside the Twin Cities I've ever lived is Manhattan. I have total respect for the Yankees and the Mets. But Mauer needs neither; and neither need Mauer. The Yankees will be just fine--and I bet, even better off--without Mauer.

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