Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What if the Yankees tried to copy the Hideki Matsui Snuggie giveaway?

Longtime readers know I'm all about the Snuggie, even if it is a ripoff of the Slanket. So I was all excited to hear that former Yankee Hideki Matsui is the subject of an Anaheim Angels giveaway/stunt involving a Snuggie-like product.

According to
On Tuesday April 6, 2010, the Angels will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the "largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets." All fans in attendance at the Angels vs. Minnesota Twins game (7:05PM) will receive a complimentary Hideki Matsui Blankie courtesy of Konica Minolta.
So, it's not a Snuggie, it's a Blankie. Got it.

Squawker Jon just told me he thought the name Blankie was the only thing sillier than Snuggie!

I'm envious that the Angels are going to try to break the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent record involving the most number of people to wear this Snuggie-like product at one time (although the Cavs went for the Snuggie, and not the Blankie!) So why aren't the Yankees trying to get in on this action, with a Yankee Blankie giveaway (hey, it even rhymes)?

Then I got to thinking about a few drawbacks as to having such a promotion in Yankeeland. Like, which player would it be based on:
  • A-Rod was going to be the subject, then his critics complained such a product wouldn't be a True Blankie, and it wouldn't keep people warm in October
  • The Nick Johnson Blankie was already falling apart, and it wasn't even Opening Day
  • The Yankee front office thought about having Joba Chamberlain involved, but couldn't decide if he should be wearing a Snuggie or a Blankie
  • A.J. Burnett offered to have the product be based on him, but then he wouldn't let Jorge Posada wear one
  • Finally, the Yankees decided to have Nick Swisher be the subject of the Blankie giveaway, only to have him crop the top of his Blankie into a Swishalicious Mohawk
 What do you think? Tell us about it!


Dr. Harvey Frommer said...

What's after that the Twins doing their " I hate The Yankees Blankie" event?

Uncle Mike said...

Is that the real Harvey Frommer, baseball nut and author of a bundle of travel books? If so, then he surely remembers 1977, when the then-woeful Cleveland Indians held "Hate the Yankees Hanky Night" -- and won.

If there was Joba Chamberlain Snuggie Night, then you would only be able to use it for 90 minutes. That's part of the Joba Rules.

Of course, no matter what Snuggie you're wearing, if the Yankees win in the bottom of the ninth, you're going to need A.J. Burnett Detergent to clean it after he gets pie all over it!

Lisa Swan said...

I think it is indeed Harvey Frommer. I, like many of our readers, have several of his Yankee books on my bookshelf, and I'm very excited to see him at Subway Squawkers!

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