Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why does Jose Valverde look like a bat in motion?

I wasn't really familiar with relief pitcher Jose Valverde's act until Monday's Yankees-Tigers game, so I was pretty appalled with all the histrionics.

But after reading about Valverde, watching the video of him dancing around, and looking at how he has a history of acting like this (Google Images has hundreds of photos of his antics!) I'm now more amused than anything else. Especially given how the way his arms remind me of a bat flapping its wings!

If anything, Valverde gave New York sports radio something else to talk about, other than Lawrence Taylor and Javier Vazquez, so that should count for something.

And I'm wondering if Valverde is going to be the guy to be the first baseball player on "Dancing With the Stars"!

Speaking of which, my man Chad Ochocinco has made it into the Final Four on the show. Hooray!

Anyhow, as for Valverde, I hope that he doesn't have anything to flap his arms about with today's games.

What do you think? Tell us about it! 


Kelly said...

Even though that kind of thing usually bugs me, (See: K-Rod and Papelbon) Valverde didn't for some reason. He actually made me laugh while he was striking out the side, especially with that whole -- crouch down by the mound, take his hat off, put it back on -- thing. He was so very twitchy.

But yes, here's hoping he has nothing to dance about today!

Anonymous said...

At least K-Rod and Papelbon don't do the twinkletoes dance that your gay closer does before each pitch. First he bends over to show everyone his sweet behind then he taps the rubber (no pun intended) with his toes - gay or what?

Uncle Mike said...

Ignore the commenter above: His screen name tells us all we need to know about him.

The sad part is, Valverde hasn't even done what Dallas Braden has. Let alone what Joba has (win a ring).

Anonymous said...

Good story Lisa. We should call him Batvalverde!!

Good game by Javy today against the Tigers. Maybe playing away from the Bronx helped!

We should send Javy Vazquez & Dave Eiland, the pitching coach the story written by Bert Blyleven, on Sunday May 9, 2010. Entitled, "Surviving the heat of playing in the Bronx" "Javier Vazquez is struggling for the Yankees; here's how to iron things out"

NOW, if only can get Bert to write a story to help A.J. Burnett pitch better at Fenway Park!

Go get them in the second game Yanks

Anonymous said...

I don't think Valverde WANTS what Joe-Bob (Joba) has, a DUI arrest, a trailer-trash mother doing meth. Yeah, thanks for reminding me of that MINJ, you the man!

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