Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Johnny Damon: Positively Damonic to the Yankees

Johnny Damon leaving the Yankees was one of the low points of this offseason. And last night was a huge reminder of what he brings to the table, both on and off the field. I was happy to see him again last night, but it still ticks me off - bigtime - that Damon is no longer a Yankee. But hey, at least we have Nick Johnson in the lineup. Oh, wait!

I miss Damon hitting home runs as a Yankee. I miss his hair - he now has a fauxhawk! And I miss his goofy personality. Did you see him wearing one of those Sportrobes last night? They're the new Snuggie - the Sportrobe is this superplush bathrobe with team logos (and personalized with players' names and numbers if you want.) Damon wore his in the postgame. And when his new teammates admired his Detroit Tiger robe earlier this year, Johnny bought one for each of them!

I told Squawker Jon I think we should have Subway Squawkers uniforms for public appearances at games and such. So I suggested that I get a Yankee Sportrobe, and he get a Met one. The look on Jon's face over my suggestion was priceless. Suffice it to say that my request was denied!

Oh, and did John Sterling do his old Damon home run call last night? Anybody know?

Anyhow, last night was a very frustrating game, with all the missed opportunities, and seeing Damon on the other side. Not to mention Jose Valverde - is he done celebrating yet?

And why is it that most of the so-called unwritten rules in baseball seem to favor the pitchers? Imagine the uproar if Manny Ramirez did that kind of strutting and dancing after each hit that Valverde did after every strike last night. Valverde made Joba look subtle!

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Uncle Mike said...

IF Manny did some strutting, Lisa?

Face it, "the unwritten rules of baseball" aren't "not written" to favor pitchers. They're written to favor Yankee opponents.

I'd kind of like to see a replay of Braden's perfect game. I'd like to see how many close ball/strike calls went his way. I'll bet he got the kind of breaks the Braves used to get... back when anybody outside the Confederacy of Dunces still cared about them.

BrooklynGirl said...

Yes Lisa he did say "simply Damonic" on the homerun. It was bittersweet. Gotta love that Nick Johnson signing.:(

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rocket (a.k.a. Johnny Demon) will come back to haunt the Yanks---an absolute blunder by Cashman,not to resign him!!

Sterling better not keep calling home runs by former Yanks, as he did when they were her (i.e. Matsui, now Johnny)

Why can't we hear Susan do some of the broadcasting---is it political?

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