Monday, August 23, 2010

Will Roger Clemens end up in the pokey? What are the odds?

In case you were wondering what the chances are that Roger Clemens will spend time wearing prison stripes instead of the pinstripes he used to wear, here are the odds of that happening, according to

Will Roger Clemens do any jail time for allegedly lying during a Congressional hearing in 2008?       
Yes                  -115
No                    -115
(Must spend at least one day in jail as a result of his upcoming trial for Yes to be graded the winner.)

Will Roger Clemens admit to using performance enhancing drugs in 2010?
Yes                  +700
No                    -1400
(Must publically admit to using performance enhancing drugs by December 31st 2010 or a plea-bargain is reached during his court case by December 31st 2010 for Yes will be graded the winner.)

Also, I wrote an article about Clemens' love of Twitter -- and how it's already gotten him into trouble -- for The Faster Times. Check it out here.


nutballgazette said...

Did you know that Roger Clemens can sing?

Uncle Mike said...

The problem isn't that Clemens can sing, but that Pettitte (sort of) and McNamee did.

Roger Clemens, you're the next guest on "Deal... Or No Deal"!

His song used to be "Rocket Man" by Elton John. Next... something, perhaps, from the collected works of Johnny Cash?

nutballgazette said...

@ Uncle Mike, That is classic

Sports Chump said...

Here's my take on the Rocket man.

And by the way, I say he gets off.

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