Thursday, September 9, 2010

I watch one pitch -- and it's Nick Swisher's walkoff homer!

I completely forgot that the Yankees were playing in the afternoon yesterday. Then I saw something online about them losing 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, and I hurriedly rushed to put on the TV. I saw only one pitch. And it had a great result! Nick Swisher hit a walkoff homer, exactly one year to the day that he hit a walkoff homer to win a game for the Yanks against the Orioles the year before.

Squawker Jon actually grudgingly gave Brian Cashman credit for something today -- picking up Swisher! Jon also made a comparison between Swisher and Jeff Francoeur. Only thing is, Swisher is having another great year as a Yankee, while Francouer is, um, no longer a Met!

Oh, and how about Buck Showalter? Anybody who thinks managers don't matter ought to see what these Orioles are doing. They very nearly swept the Yankees this week, and look like a very different team than the one Jon and I saw in Baltimore this June. Too bad the Mets didn't fire Jerry Manuel, and hire Showalter!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

I don't know if Francoeur would have been better off as a Yankee, but as a Met, Swisher would have gotten very frustrated, and Met fans would have gotten tired of his act by now.

If the Mets had hired Showalter, he would have done with them what he does everywhere: Get them to the brink of success, but be unable to finish the job, then get fired, and watch as the next manager wins the World Series.

Except that didn't work in Texas, although current manager Ron Washington seems to be reaping the benefits. But it wouldn't work in Flushing, either, because, well, they're the Mets. And, like Willie Randolph, Buck would get chased out because he's a "Yankee."

In such a hypothetical situation, it would be the first time Met fans thought of someone as more of a "true Yankee" than Yankee Fans did!

YanksGal03 said...

I attended one Yanks/Sox game at Fenway and it could not have been better....last year ...Yankees won 20-11. We were all decked out in our Yankee finest but I didn't hear one word from any of the Sox fans ...after all at the time we were up 6 1/2 games in the standings and killing their team that game ..what could they possibly say ??? The Sox fan I was sitting next to decided to leave early but on his way out the only thing he said to me was that he thought the new Stadium was unbelievable and even tho' he loved Fenway he thought it was time for a change for the Sox too. He finished with ..Go Sox !!!

I entered the contest ...but...with my email name I'll probably never win since they will know where my loyalties lie

Here's to a great road trip for the Yankees ..I can't believe there are only 7 home games left in the regular season. Where is time flying ???

Go Yankees 2010 !!!

YanksGal03 said...

OOPS !!! I put this under the wrong post...oh well

Go Yankees 2010 !!

Uncle Mike said...

Any post that involves the Yankees beating the Red Sox, while possibly misplaced, cannot possibly be "wrong"! Too bad we actually had to root (with noses held) for the Sox this week as they played the Deviled Eggs, but help is help.

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