Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much for looking forward to football season

Impotent offense? Dubious coaching moves? Season-ending injuries? And here I thought watching the Jets opener would be a welcome change from the Mets.

The last time the Jets were coming off of a trip to the AFC title game, Vinny Testaverde went down for the year early in the first game. Yesterday, it was Kris Jenkins' turn. At least Johan Santana is definitely coming back, though it's unknown how good he will be. Jenkins' career could be over.

So far, Antonio Cromartie remind me of Jason Bay - big-name acquisition, small-time production.

Kyle Wilson makes me think of Jenrry Mejia - highly touted rookie not ready for a leading role.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and Jerry Manuel both sound good on TV. But when it comes to strategy... How do you not have Mark Sanchez at least try to throw against the Ravens' depleted secondary?

Though I'm a diehard Jet fan, even before last night I agreed that the Jets talk way too much for a team that has not been to the Super Bowl in over four decades. But now Squawker Lisa tells me that the Jets' bluster has some of our Boston readers actually hating the Jets more than the Yankees.

Well, at least one of my teams is beating the Yankees at something.


Paul said...

Well with the Sox all but mathematically out of it the focus is squarely on football around here so I think that is fueling sentiment more toward the Jets.

I don't get fired up about football the same way as I do for baseball, but the Jets are a division rival so there's some natural joy when they lose. As for actually hating a team - well its still more fun to hate Peyton Manning more than any Jet.

Cheers from Boston!

nutballgazette said...

Life Long Jet Fan here

I am in a pool for when The Jets score their First TD on offense

Week 9--Nov 7th @ Detroit
3;51 Left in the 3rd Qtr

Mark Brunell to LT a 2 Yard TD Pass

Uncle Mike said...

I don't know, Nutball, these are not the 0-16 Lions of 2008.

But the next game is the Patriots at home, and they should be more up for that game. Because, as we all know (and let's face it, they got another dubious call on Sunday), New England teams can't win without cheating. (Still trying to figure out how the Celtics managed to weasel their way into 3 straight Finals, winning 1.)

nutballgazette said...

Boston, Sportsmanship, Honesty and Virtue, Now Don't those Words belong is the same sentence,

That would be like saying Glen Beck and (Well Never Mind) I don't want to piss off some people

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