Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nightmare day for Yankees, Texas Longhorns

As luck would have it, Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox game happened to be on at the same time as my beloved Texas Longhorns were playing UCLA. Unfortunately for me, both games were debacles -- UT played about as well as they did when I was in college, and the Yankees looked pretty flat against the Sox.

Oh, and there was the always-obnoxious Tim McCarver to listen to on FOX, stumbling on people's names (how long did it take him to get King Felix's name right?) and condescending to viewers. At least Joe Buck wasn't in the booth this time, though. Thank goodness for small favors.

About the only highlight yesterday was that I did my part in helping to jinx Jon Lester's no-hitter -- I wrote about it on Facebook, and just a few batters later, the no-hitter was history! Yay!

It ticks me off, though, that the Yankees could have clinched a playoff spot against the Red Sox this weekend. Instead, they've lost four games in a row at home for the first time all year, and seem to be a real mess.

It reminds me a lot of early fall of 2000, when the Yanks were in a September swoon. I remember being at a particularly bad game that month, when I was moving back to the tri-state area after living in Texas for many years. I hadn't seen the Yankees play at the Stadium since I attended Game 1 of the 1996 World Series (another debacle), and this 2000 game I attended, where Jose Canseco played right field and made several errors, was a 15-4 loss to Cleveland that left fans in a foul mood. Kind of the way Yankee fans have been feeling as of late! Let's hope that 2010 ends up having the same results as 2000 did, with the Yankees triumphing, and Mets fans in despair.

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nutballgazette said...

Yes this is like the 2000 Yankees right now, But The Yankees have had issues with getting timely hitting and consistent Starting Pitching all year beyond CC and Andy,

This just might be the year the Twins beat the Yankees

Uncle Mike said...

I won't like it if the Yankees lose to Minnesota, but I can live with it. I do not, however, want to lose to Tampa Bay and especially to Texas. Sorry, Lisa, but aside from their love of college football, barbecue and music, I loathe the place, for many, many reasons. Not the Longhorns, they get a pass in my book, as the saying goes, "for the enemies they have made."

The weird part is, whoever ends up winning the World Series, in the years to come it will seem as if it was "inevitable." When, of course, it was nothing of the kind. And that's what the Yankees proved in 1949, 1977, 1978, 1996, 2000 and 2009 -- if not in all the years they won it!

Certainly, when the Mets won, it wasn't inevitable. Hardly anybody could believe it in 1969, and in 1986 it went from "inevitable" to nearly lost against Houston, to absolutely lost against Boston, to inevitable again.

Nothing is inevitable. As steroids proved, not even the Red Sox losing.

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