Thursday, September 2, 2010

So how much will Derek Jeter get in his next contract?

There's a whole to-do in Yankeeland these days over Derek Jeter, between him having a non Jeteresque season, and what he should be paid in his new contract. I saw a lot of fans on Facebook angry over this article, which suggests that Jeter's uninspriring 2010 season (he's hitting almost 50 points lower than his career batting average) could cost him in his next deal. Lots of fans think Jeter should get paid whatever he wants, even if, according to the article, some close to him thinks he wants an A-Rod type contract:
Jeter may be the ultimate team guy, but two former teammates believe that when it comes to getting paid, his pride will demand that he get something approaching A-Rod money, regardless of what he hits this season.
Given that A-Rod makes an average of $27 million a year plus incentives now, and still has seven years left on his own ridiculous contract, does that mean Jeter should get the same? I disagree. A-Rod isn't worth that money now, and neither is Jeter.

I know that talking anything other than "Jeter is the greatest Yankee ever" is like touching the third rail in Yankeeland. But there is no way any other team would pay him anything close to those numbers. So why should the Yankees?

So how much should Jeter get? How about $20 million a year for four years as a starting point? That seems to be a number that reflects his value in Yankeedom, but doesn't tie the team up until he's 43 years old.

What do you think Jeter is worth? Tell us about it!


nutballgazette said...

I agree with you numbers, I think he will take that,
I am so tired to listening to Kay on the radio talk about this for 4 hours a day the past few weeks.

Greg Cohen said...

I've assumed from the beginning that he would get something like four-years between $80-$100 million so yes, I think that's a good starting point.

Uncle Mike said...

Neither side wants to see Derek in anybody else's uniform -- or retiring at 36. Something will be worked out.

Did anybody notice that the Yankees sent a message to Dallas Braden today? "Get off our mound!" Or, as A-Rod would say, "Ha!"

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Derek's OPS is outperforming only Cervelli and Peña, his OBP is better only than the same characters plus Granderson. This menas Jeter should be batting 7th. But Girardi hasn't had the balls to move him. A-Rod's value? No way.
His value according to Fangraphs is around $8MM. He might be still the best SS in MLB (I haven't looked up how other SS are performing) but doesn't merit neither A-Rod's number nor more than 2 or 3 years.
Tough negotiation for Cashman. Usually players perform better in their last contract year and Jeter is doing miserably. I would offer 2-years with incentives. But Jeter might be Torre's school of "What I have done for you" while the current thinking is "What have you done for me lately?" It will be either a losing contract for the Yankees or a bitter goodbye.

lex said...

jet is worth more than that, dont you remember that he sells more jersey than the whole team know what i mean by year when he gets the 3000 hits you know how much money the yankees will be making out of that 100+

lex said...

jet is worth more than that, dont you remember that he sells more jersey than the whole team know what i mean by year when he gets the 3000 hits you know how much money the yankees will be making out of that 100+

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Please remember that MLB is almost socialist, spreading the wealth around. MLB products don't go to the team, any time you buy a NY Yankee cap the funds go to MLB, not the Yankees.
Same thing happens with the TV deals, although ESPN Sunday Night or Fox Sports Saturday games may feature mostly the Yankees and a few other teams, the money still goes to MLB.
Of course, Jeter does create a buzz that reflects in YES subscription and Yankee ticket games and those funds do go to the Yankees, but that's it.
Andy Petitte got a one year deal wiht incentives in 2009. Jeter's deall will be driven by his ego and Yankees management willingness to put up with it.

YanksGal03 said...

I always love the "unnamed" sources in articles. Two teammates said ...
anyone can write that. Without names I never believe an article. If you can't name your sources I can't possibly believe what you write.

Whatever happens with DJ is between him and the Yankees...not with fans who truly have no clue ...just suppositions which usually are further from the truth than the real situation.

Alvaro are wrong about MLB not sharing with the teams. For instance...when the Yankees are televised on the MLB station..the Yankees keep all the revenue generated from the NY area...MLB gets the national share. I'm also assuming the teams get cuts on the merchandise too thus the Yankees make a fortune since their merchandse is the highest selling of all MLB particularly DJ's, Alex, Mo...etc.

Go Yankees 2010 !!

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

One AL executive said, “Derek Jeter is a two-year, $8 million-a-year player in the open market. The Yankees hold all the cards. I’m sure everything will be done with great respect for him and they will overpay to keep him around. But the threat of Derek going somewhere else for more than the Yankees will offer? I don’t think so.’’
I hope the Yankees spend wisely their money on Cliff Lee.

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