Monday, September 13, 2010

On the Yanks' losing streak, and the Jets' loss

I'm Officially Concerned about the state of the Yankees after tonight. This is the first time they've lost four in a row all year, and their third walkoff loss in four games. And, as Squawker Jon helpfully noted, the Yanks would have lost seven in a row if it weren't for Nick Swisher! If Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin are the answer, I don't want to know the question. Tonight was actually a night I longed to see Joba pitch! And it would be nice to see the Yanks score a run or two. So much for CC getting No. 20 tonight.

Anyhow, I was flipping back and forth, using my picture-in-picture, between the Yankees and the Jets. As I've noted here before, I don't really have a diehard NFL team the way I root for the Yanks and the Texas Longhorns. I root for Vince Young to do well with the Tennessee Titans, I supported the Giants in the Super Bowl against the Patriots (and even predicted their victory!), I cheer for Ochocinco and T.O., and I think Rex Ryan is a hoot. He has single-handedly gotten me to watch Jets games. But no, I don't have any lifelong team loyalty; only player interest!

Squawker Jon, on the other hand, is a real Jets fan. I'm surprised he hasn't blamed me for tonight's Jets loss! Maybe it's because he at least has a Mets walkoff win -- thanks to Chan Ho Park -- to be happy about.

Jon and I were talking about how the Jets have leapfrogged from being a nonentity, to becoming the team everybody loves to hate, without actually winning anything. At least the late '90s Yankees had a little bit of a honeymoon period before they became despised!

My Red Sox/Patriots fan friend Joe had this to say to me tonight about the Jets and the Yanks:

My hatred of Rex & the Jets has actually surpassed my hatred of the Yankees. The Yankees at least win and don't brag. The Jets lose and talk smack...hilarious. I'm still sticking with my 3rd place in the AFC East prediction for Vociferous Rex and the Sanchize...
Interesting points! I wonder how many New England fans agree. What I like about Rex is what gets on so many people's nerves!

Speaking of which, there was actually a time when I didn't despise Tom Brady. It was around Super Bowl XXXVI, and I (shudder) rooted for the Patriots against the Rams. Goes to show you my judgment -- or lack thereof!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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