Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beam Me Up, Beckett

Squawker Lisa, I realize that two of your least favorite things are Josh Beckett and "Star Trek," but I think even you will be amused at a clever piece comparing the two written by friend of the Squawkers Sully Baseball:

How Josh Beckett and the Star Trek films mirror each other

After I read Sully's piece, I realized that Oliver Perez mirrors "V." Both were clearly dead in the water by the end of last season, yet both somehow continue to avoid richly deserved pink slips.


Uncle Mike said...

I saw the title, and I thought of New York Police Detective Kate Beckett on "Castle." I suppose we could have split the difference and used future (or should that be "past"?) Enterprise Captain Scott Bakula, who played Dr. Sam Beckett on "Quantum Leap."

Anyway, Sully's comparison of Josh Beckett to the Star Trek movies was fascinating. But since the 2009 season (which he compared to ST IV: The Voyage Home) ended with the movie good guys getting a new Enterprise and a new mission, and with the actual baseball good guys, the Yankees, getting a new Stadium and a new World Championship, the comparison, while fascinating, is also... wait for it... highly illogical.

Michael said...

Actually, I'll bet that the Ollie Perez in the Trek alternate universe is the best pitcher in baseball. Too bad he isn't in our universe.

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