Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Yankees-Red Sox, Vicente Padilla, Jonathan Papelbon, and Reggie Jackson

I could be wrong, but it looked and sounded like an awful lot of Yankees fans at Fenway Park this weekend. It seemed like much more than in the past, to the point where you heard rival chants, the way you do at Mets games. Hmmmm, Is that because Red Sox fans are less likely to buy the tickets these days?

There certainly was much less buzz about this series than there was in the recent past. Other than the Yankees winning three out of four, the most talked-about thing was the war of words between Mark Teixeira and Vicente Padilla. Not only did Padilla play the race card, accusing Teixeira of not liking him because he's Latino, but he said a very sexist comment about how many Tex should go play a "woman's sport." Looks like Padilla has upped the Red Sox's very high jerk quotient. Check this out:

"We are all men here playing baseball. We don't need no women playing baseball. He is always crying and complaining. If he has a base hit, he cries, if he doesn't, he cries. I just meant that not even women complain as much as him," said Padilla.
And you thought Josh Beckett and John Lackey were jerks! What is it with the Red Sox -- they are even more unlikeable than usual. Other than the injured Carl Crawford, who I feel sorry for, there isn't a single Boston player I can even tolerate.

Speaking of which, I loved seeing the Mets beat up on former Red Sox jerk Jonathan Papelbon the other night. Now Papelbon has said something else pretty ridiculous, saying that Boston ought to pay David Ortiz "whatever makes him happy," and says that "in my opinion, he's bigger (to the Red Sox) than Ted [Williams]." (In case you haven't been following, David Ortiz has been griping about how the Red Sox only gave him a one-year, $15 million deal, instead of giving him a ridiculous contract like they have for other Boston players. Boo bleeding hoo.)

David Ortiz is more important to Boston than Ted Williams? Really? Let's review. Williams, who died 10 years ago this month, hit .406 in a season, and also hit .388 at the age of 38. He had 521 career home runs, but would have had a lot more if he didn't have to go serve his country in World War II and Korea. But Cinco Dopo wants us to think that Ortiz is bigger than Williams? Spare me.

By the way, why doesn't Ortiz testing positive for PEDs in 2003 ever get brought up whenever we talk about him? This summer marks the third anniversary since Sherlock Ortiz announced that he would figure out why he failed that test. Shockingly, he never has, and just as shockingly, which is to say not shocking at all, sportswriters completely lost interest in exposing juicers once Red Sox players (Manny Ramirez also failed that test) were named.Why is it that A-Rod always gets reminded about doing steroids, but Ortiz never is? Why hasn't any reporter ever even asked Sherlock Ortiz why he tested positive?

Speaking of which, when Squawker Jon and I heard A-Rod's reaction to what Reggie Jackson said about him, which was to tell reporters, "With friends like that, who needs enemies" through a forced smile, we speculated about how much pull Rodriguez had with the team. For maybe the first time ever, Rodriguez didn't turn the other cheek; he made it clear he was unhappy over what Jax said about him. The fact that Jackson, who is on the Yankee payroll, is not going to be around the team in the immediate future says something about the Yanks wanting to keep A-Rod happy. Of course, the rest of what Jackson said, like insulting Gary Carter, didn't help, either.

The New York Post says that Jackson told them this on Friday regarding the Carter remarks:
“I am very disappointed that’s out there and I am embarrassed. I have a number for his wife [Sandy] and I want to talk to her and the family. That needs to be noted. I am calling to apologize for inappropriate comments while I was talking to friends.’’
It was 35 years ago that Jackson thought that a Sport Magazine reporter was his friend, when he uttered the infamous "I'm the straw that stirs the drink" remark that got him in so much trouble. This is Life 101 -- reporters are not your friends! Jackson is 66 years old. Old enough to know this truism. Good grief.

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