Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shocker: Ichiro is now a Yankee!

I will give Brian Cashman credit for something -- he does stealth, surprising trades better than anybody out there. And trading for Ichiro Suzuki was a shocking, "What???" kind of a moment. It was definitely a jaw dropper for me.

When I told one of my brothers about the trade, he pointed out that only the Yanks could get a player making $17 million a year who doesn't hit for power, or average, or steal many bases any more. Of course, as Squawker Jon fulminated over, the Mariners are actually kicking in money to pay for some of his salary!

Anyhow, Jon also pointed out another time the Yanks traded for a big name in July -- when they got Pudge Rodriguez. That didn't work out very well for the Bronx Bombers (personally, I think the then-injured Jorge Posada did Pudge a disservice when he pointed out that he was still the main catcher. Way to make the new guy welcome, Jorge!)

But I digress. I think this is a low-risk, high-reward trade for the Yanks. Even if Ichiro isn't the Ichiro of old, they got him for basically nothing. At any rate, he should be fun to watch.

Besides, in a day when the Yanks get Ichiro, the Mets get Snooki. Sounds like my team got the better end of the deals!

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