Thursday, July 26, 2012

Win a DVD of Johan Santana pitching Mets' first no-hitter!

Want your own DVD of Johan Santana's incredible no-hitter? A+E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions is giving away five copies of "BASEBALL’S GREATEST GAMES: NEW YORK METS FIRST NO-HITTER" to Subway Squawkers readers. 

The DVD includes the television broadcast of Santana's June 1 no-hitter over the St. Louis Cardinals as well as a special audio feature allowing fans to watch the television broadcast and listen to the Mets radio network announcers in English or Spanish.

The DVD is available online at and in the Mets Team Store.

If you'd like to win a copy of BASEBALL’S GREATEST GAMES: NEW YORK METS FIRST NO-HITTER, email us at and tell us at what point during the game you first started to think that Santana might actually pitch the Mets' first no-hitter.

Please include your name and mailing address in the email and put "NO-HAN" in the subject line. Five entries will be chosen at random.

You have until Monday, August 6 at 5 p.m. to enter the contest.  Good luck (and let's hope the Mets win another game by then!).


Uncle Mike said...

No thanks, I have enough frisbees.

Anonymous said...

You're right Mikey, the Mets DVDs are useful not only for exciting viewing, but also for other recreational purposes. Quite unlike any Yanker DVDs, which (like the team) are completely useless.

Uncle Mike said...

Tell ya what, Freshy: You be 8 games in first place while the other team loses 11 of 12, and then you can talk about what's useless.

Anonymous said...

I'll talk about useless anytime I damn well please. The Yankers are USELESS and WORTHLESS.

Uncle Mike said...

Oh, you can talk about the Yankees being useless. But you can't be taken seriously when they're in first place by 6 1/2 games and have the best record in the American League. You know, the League where 12 out of 14 teams still have a shot at the Playoffs, as opposed to the other league where only 8 out of 16 are in the running -- and the Mets aren't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, have you been using the new math again? Please don't do that, it makes everyone's head hurt when you do that. Perhaps you should master simple math first, before you step up to the big boys math!

12 out of 14 teams in the AL? Which twelve? I can only realistically see maybe 8 or 9. Tampa (maybe), Baltimore (maybe), Boston (maybe), ChiSox, Detroit, Texas, Angels, Oakland all have a shot at the playoffs, and of course the Yankers are guaranteed to buy their way in, so there are 9. And really the Angels and A's have the best chance for the wildcard spots, so this year's playoff teams are ChiSox, Rangers, Angels, A's and Yankers (only by virtue of their spending).

What did you think that Seattle or Cleveland or Toronto had a shot? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

The odds of that happening are about as good as the Yankers making the playoffs without spending hundreds of millions of dollars. In other words, it ain't gonna happen.

The only reason that the Yankers have a 6-1/2 game lead is that none of the other teams in their division are playing that well. So it's real easy to get a big lead when you're in a weak division. The only strong divisions I see are the AL West, NL East and NL Central. Each of these divisions has at least 2 strong teams with good records, each of the other divisions has no more than 1 strong team, with the weakest of them being the NL West, where the 3 top teams (Giants, Dodgers, D-backs) are all very close to each other, not one of them is not really that much stronger than the other.

And then there's the AL East, where the Yankers will buy their way into the playoffs (hey if they don't, then nobody gets paid, just ask Bud), and there are 4 other teams who would really like to see the postseason if only they could get past the $200M ugliness. Maybe someday, when we get a strong commissioner who has a backbone and wants to make baseball fair and competitive, and not just a money grab. And will perhaps restore some integrity to the game.

Uncle Mike said...

1. Yankees, leading East
2. Texas, leading West
3. Chicago, leading Central
4. Oakland, 1st Wild Card
5. Detroit, 2nd Wild Card
6. Anaheim, half a game behind Detroit
7. Baltimore, 1 back
8. Tampa Bay, 2 back
9. Boston, 4 1/2 back
10. Toronto, 5 back
11. Seattle, 8 back
12. Cleveland, 8 back

Now, you may not think an 8-game deficit can be made up on August 7. But it can. The Yankees did it in 1978 (and that was when there were 2 divisions and no Wild Cards, so there was more desperation). Seattle did it in 1995. Last year, the Red Sox and Braves should never have blown Playoff spots, but they did. And, oh yeah, in 2007 the METS blew a 7-game Division lead with 17 to play and missed the Playoffs completely.

The AL team furthest back is Kansas City, 12 1/2 back. There are 6 teams in the NL that are further back.

This isn't about new math, Freshy, it's about the math you should have learned long ago. But then, since when do Met fans ever learn anything?

And as for "a weak division," the AL East kicked the stuffing out of the NL East this season.

Anonymous said...

I can only see the first 8 teams you listed here having a shot at the playoffs. Boston just doesn't have any consistency this year (Red Sox nation weeps), Toronto is below .500, and Cleveland and Seattle are below .500 by a lot. So you realistically think they have a shot? Stop smoking the whacky weed and wise up.

If either Boston or Toronto or Cleveland or Seattle makes the playoffs, I will print this page and eat it, thereby literally eating my words!

Uncle Mike said...

There's a difference between "possible" and "likely." As we've seen in baseball, anything is possible. The Mets found this out in a positive way in September and October 1969, September 1973 and October 1986; and in a negative way in September 2007 and 2008, June 1977, and pretty much all the time from 1962 through 1968.

So all 12 teams I listed have a shot. Some shots are longer than others. The only shots you've got are the ones you drink every time the Mets lose.

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