Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yankee disappointment: John Sterling's Ichiro home run call is lame

Ever since Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees, people have speculated on what home run call radio broadcaster John Sterling would create for him. In fact, the potential home run call for Ichiro Suzuki was one of the most anticipated calls ever.

I figured Sterling was sitting at home in a smoking jacket and ascot late at night, looking like Cookie Monster did as Alistair Cookie of Monsterpiece Theater, trying to come up with a great, memorable idea for Ichiro' first home run call, attempting to rhyme something with Ichiro or thinking of a cheesy show tune to tie in to the call.

Squawker Jon hoped Sterling would take a suggestion Craig Carton made on his WFAN morning show and evoke the song "Lady Marmalade" with something along the lines of "Ichi-yichi-ya-ya-ya-ya." I didn't know what Sterling would say, but I assumed it would be memorable:

Anyhow, Ichiro hit his 100th career home run, and his first as a Yankee, and what was the call? This:
“Ichiro, the Yankees’ rising sun, says sayonara."
Are you kidding me? That is terrible!  Whether it is rising sun, or rising son, it doesn't make any sense. No offense, but Ichiro has one foot in the grave, baseball-wise. He is not a rising anything. And the sayonara is a little weird, too. Is he going to be saying goodbye every time he hits a home run?

At least Ichiro got a home run call, though -- poor backup catcher Chris Stewart didn't even get a special home run call (what, Sterling couldn't come up with a "Tonight's the Night" or "Every Picture Tells a Story" or "Some Guys Have All the Luck" call for Stewart?)

Longtime Subway Squawkers reader Uncle Mike had suggested "I'm kooky for Suzuki!" That would have been better than what Sterling came up with. I'm sure Squawker readers have other ideas for Ichiro's home run call. Tell us!

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Uncle Mike said...

K is for Kooky, that good enough for me!

Gotta love Cookie Monster.

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