Friday, January 23, 2009

Are Mets just being Mets when it comes to Manny Ramirez?

Squawker Lisa, I would love to see the Mets go for it this year and sign Manny Ramirez. Just as I loved seeing the Mets go for it with Roberto Alomar in 2002 and Pedro Martinez in 2005. And my most exciting moment as a Jet fan in recent years came when the Jets traded for Brett Favre.

The fact is that there is no guarantee with an older player, especially one with baggage. If the choice is going for Manny or doing nothing, then of course the Mets should go for Manny. But pairing Manny with Carlos Delgado in the heart of the lineup means that the Mets' top two power hitters will be turning 37 this year, making the Mets a win-now team.

And even with a healthy, happy and productive Manny (and there is no guarantee of any of those), there is also no guarantee that the Mets will win the World Series in 2009.

And the Mets with Manny had better win in 2009, because there is a much greater chance that in 2010, Manny's contract will become an albatross for one reason or another. And with Carlos Delgado probably gone by then, the Mets will desperately need a slugger in the middle of their lineup and won't have the money to get one.

A-Rod was 24 when the Mets passed on him. Vladimir Guerrero was 28. The Mets really blew it by passing on those young superstars. Fortunately, they learned their lesson when Carlos Beltran and Johan Santana, both under 30, were available.

The Mets were sitting on the $12 million they saved by letting Tom Glavine go until February of last year, when they signed Santana to a far bigger contract. Maybe this February will bring another pleasant surprise.

If someone is really willing to give Boras and Ollie $60 million for five years, suddenly $45 million for Manny is a cheaper contract, even if it is only for two years. Imagine, signing Manny to save money!

The Mets were willing to spend $12 million next year on Derek Lowe, so as long as they take that money and upgrade the team in another way, I can't complain.

Should the Mets offer Manny Ramirez a contract? Tell us what you think.


Anonymous said...

no, no, no! no contract with the mets for manny! He is one of the best hitters of his generation, but he is a headcase! I don't want a guy like that in the clubhouse no matter how good he is.

Freddy said...

Is Manny really a headache? He only took the Red Sox to the promised land and nearly carried the Dodgers there this season. I think that is a headache worth dealing with. He brings life to a club and puts up the numbers when they count. Look at the stats.

Anonymous said...

stats? who cares? he quit on the red sox. faked injuries, stood with the bat on his shoulder against mariano. all to get out of boston. That is not the kind of guy i want on my team. there is no denying his ability, it is pretty much second to none. but what is the tradeoff? an influence on jose reyes? david wright? wanna take that chance?

Freddy said...

"Who cares?" That's exactly the attitude that makes the Mets lose every year. Teams play to make it to the World Series. Where were the Dodgers when the Mets were bumming about pitchers and hitters. In the PLAYOFFS!

Anonymous said...

and where were the dodgers at the conclusion of the playoffs? the same place as the mets, home. differnce is that the mets don't now have to deal with the headache that is manny.
winning this year is not the goal if it costs us winning in future years. I may be in the minority, but I am not that desperate to win that i would flush my principles down the toilet.

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