Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How about a Joe Torre-inspired mascot?

Take that, Phillie Phanatic! As Cole Hamels might say, who's the choke artist now?

Citifield of Dreams points out that Forbes has named Mr. Met America's Top Sports Mascot, beating out that green thing from Philly.

According to Forbes:

The Mets' family friendly image continues to be strong, a successful differentiation from the corporate, humorless Yankees across town (what mascot could anyone imagine the Yankees employing? Pinstripe--the hedge fund billionaire?).

The Yankees need to lighten their image. Joe Torre needs to sell some books. Why not kill two birds with one stone with a mascot based on the former Yankee skipper?

Joey the Weasel
Inspired by Phil Allard's NYYFans article, this new breed of mascot will poke fun at players on his own team instead of the opponents.

Single White Mascot
Mascot dresses like Derek Jeter and imitates his every move.

Tickle Me Torre
Mascot's head automatically turns in opposite direction whenever he sees a player that has gotten suspiciously larger in the offseason.

Snuggie the Snitch
Similar to Joey the Weasel, only with more marketing possibilities since mascot can also promote the blanket with sleeves that keeps turning up in late-night TV ads.

Clueless Joe
Mascot puts his name on a book and is surprised to be criticized by what's in it.


Anonymous said...

how about A-Fraud the overpaid, Jeter obsessed, insecure, 24 & 1 choke artist?

Anonymous said...

Unlike the Met fans who get their jollies with a mascot, shooting sweatshirts and that big apple to name a few gimmicks ...the Yankee fans come to watch baseball. We sell out without gimmicks ...who needs them?

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

oh wait ..make that tee shirts ..sweatshirts would be too expensive for the Met organization... :o)

Go Yankees 2009 !!!

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