Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some tough questions for Joe Torre

It seems in writing his new book, "The Yankee Year," Joe Torre has opened himself up to a whole slew of questions. I've come up with a list of some queries I have for Torre regarding his 12 years in New York. You can read my list at the Perpetual Post site. Click here to go there.

The site also features Jon and I arguing about the Yankees/Mets inaugural patches. Click here to read that.

And here's another question I'd like to see somebody ask Torre. David Justice said at the time of the Mitchell Report, and again this morning, that in 2000, Brian McNamee left a container of human growth hormone in his locker for him to use, but that Justice claimed he turned him down because he was afraid of needles.

Think about that for a second. McNamee, who was on the Yankee payroll at that time as a strength and conditioning coach, was apparently so brazen about peddling PEDs in the Bomber clubhouse, that he could just slip HGH into players' lockers.

So where was Joe Torre when all this was happening in his own clubhouse? I hope he's asked about that during his book tour.


Anonymous said...

The comments in the Joe book about McNamee and the whispers of steroids annoyed me. That there was a basic "dont ask, don't tell" type of thing going on with the Yankees when it came to McNamee.

It forever burns me that managers(except for the lil heat LaRussa took) skated by while players, the union and the league were sitting before Congress.

Sandra said...

If you're my youngest son, evidently, you don't gain weight actually eating cookies, either, and I must confess; I've been trying to fatten him up. With half a year until his 17th birthday, he's just over six feet and weighs in at a willowy 146. I know it's all about HGH, and I had my opportunity to bask in the glow of eating and not gaining decades ago, but clearly that time has passed.

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