Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shut up, haters! A-Rod silences his critics with two swings of the bat

What a game! I didn't get much sleep last night - too much adrenaline! - after the Yankees great, great victory over the Twins. And get this - I totally called Alex Rodriguez's homer last night, although it ended up being a game-tying, not a game-winning, one.

Here's what happened. Shortly after A-Rod had that game-tying hit in the sixth inning, I posted this on my Facebook status update at around 9 p.m. or so: "I'm calling it now - this game is going to end with a walkoff homer by A-Rod! Remember, I did call that A-Rod would hit the walkoff homer in the 15-inning Yankees-Red Sox game!"

By the time the ninth inning rolled around, Rodriguez was not in a position to hit a walkoff, of course (he was only the second batter of the inning, with the score 3-1 Twins.) Johnny, a Red Sox fan/Squawker reader, wrote "Not tonight, Lisa" in Facebook about my prediction. I responded: "As Yogi sez, it ain't over til it's over. Besides, the Yankees own Joe Nathan! A-Rod will do something good this inning."

And I was right! Of course, it was off  Nathan. The Yankees haven't owned a pitcher like that since the heyday of Arthur Rhodes. One example this year: if you may remember, Squawker Jon and I were at the Stadium on May 15, A-Rod's first night at the new Stadium (that was the Brett Gardner inside-the-park game, and the first great game at the new ballpark.) As Squawker Jon recounted then: "I told Lisa that I would think the Yankees were going to win if top closer Joe Nathan were not on the mound. But Lisa correctly predicted that the Yankees could get to Nathan."

And, as Red Sox fan Bob Ekstrom wrote in his guest Squawk the other day, "what can brighten the Bronx outlook more than thoughts of Joe Nathan trying to hold a one-run lead in the bottom of the ninth at Yankee Stadium?" (Incidentally, Bob also correctly predicted in that piece that the Angels would be much tougher for the Red Sox than expected.) 

So, when A-Rod came up to bat, Joe, another Sox fan/Squawker reader, wrote to me, "A-Rod's gonna tie it." And whaddaya know - A-Rod did tie it!

Of course, given Nathan's body langauge during that at-bat, it wasn't exactly a shock. He was practically hyperventilating out there (as was I, after A-Rod's homer!)

And I also got tears in my eyes over the home run. I was so finally that A-Rod gave all his haters a nice steaming cup of shut the heck up!

Longtime Squawker readers know what I've been defending A-Rod against the "he's not a true Yankee" brigade since the Subway Squawkers blog started. Has A-Rod been perfect? Of course not. He ticked me off with the opting out, and the way he seemed in his own world in the 2008 season. His Details photo shoot was really dumb, too. And of course he's been terrible in October since the 2004 ALCS. But the abuse and blame this guy has gotten has been completely out of proportion with reality.

Really, I am so sick of this portion of the fanbase thinking that they were so righteous in booing A-Rod. I am tired of the "why can't he hit when it counts" haters, as Jim Green of the Yankee Scrolls blog called them (as if A-Rod's eight Yankee walkoff hits didn't count.) I am so sick of these so-called fans who don't seem to realize that, jf it weren't for A-Rod's MVP seasons in 2005 and 2007, the Yanks would never have even made the playoffs those years. Not to mention the way this year's team slogged without A-Rod in the lineup. Oh, and it's a good thing the Yankees didn't listen to a New York tabloid columnist who wrote this spring that the Yankees should just cut A-Rod!

But guess what? The bandwagon is full. If you call yourself a Yankee fan, and you really couldn't deign to root for Alex before last night, fuggedaboudit. If you really think A-Rod became a so-called real Yankee last night, please, step off already and go crawl under a rock or something. And take that, haters!

I'm going to write more today on the rest of the game, including Mark Teixeira's epic walkoff, but I just had to get that A-Rod stuff off my chest! In the meantime, leave us a comment!


The Emperor said...

My feelings exactly, Lisa. I had a very similar emotional reaction to the one you had when A-Rod tied it up in the 9th - talk about dramatics!!

And when Tex won it for us in the 11th, I was shakey from the adrenaline and couldn't fall asleep until about 2:30 this morning.

As for the Sox/Angels series, I'm actually very surprised at the outcome so far. I figured they'd leave Anaheim with the series tied at 1 apiece, especially with Lester and Beckett pitching.

The Sox pretty much own the Angels in Fenway, though, so let's see how that series plays out.

Meanwhile, I hope and pray that we re-bruise Carl Pavano's tushy tomorrow and sweep the Twinkies. If not, we should wrap this up in Game 4.


Paul from Boston said...

Lisa - as for your clairvoyance I still think you may have been right. Ump doesn't blow the call, MIN scores just one, Teix ties it, ARod wins it. You should file a grievance with MLB :)

Now I know you predicted NY in 4 with tomorrow's game being the one Yankee loss. It wouldn't surprise me if you're right, although I'm still feeling sweep.

Emp - I felt the same way about our series. I figured a split and that the series would go 5 with me not being surprised whichever team won. I don't think we'll get swept but I'm not real confident this is going to 5. All I can do is watch, cheer, and hope for the best.


Jonmouk71 said...

Keep in mind, Paul, the 1999 Sox lost the first two in Cleveland, then went home to Fenway to score 32 runs and then crush the Indians in game 5/Cleveland to get to the ALCS. And that Red Sox team had no Papi (or Manny, for that matter), Could they do it again? Yep.

Uncle Mike said...

Two games, two hot, steaming servings of crow delivered to me, one of the "A-Rod is not a true Yankee" brigade.

He can keep serving them up to me, as long as postseason pitchers keep "serving it up" to him.

I also predicted that the one game the Yanks would lose in this series would be Game 3, as Andy Pettitte gives me the old Harrison Ford line: "I've got a bad feeling about this!" But if the Yankees can win a game in which they had to use Jose Molina and Jorge Posada AND Francisco Cervelli behind the plate, maybe Andy can do his stuff and we'll be okay. And isn't it great that we get to be the team that, at least for baseball purposes, closes out the damn Metrodome?

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